Hi all,

I was wondering if there was any accounts that are not being played anymore as I would be glad to take one on. I am extremely experienced in TW, having played on many accounts.

I started on world 13, on Tomas-4. I did manage over million points, but quit after about a year because all my friends were playing RuneScape and I got sucked in.

Then, I started again on world 32, in early 2009. I did the best here, and managed to reach 2 million points, but I lost interest in TW and gave the account away:

I also, forgettably, I have to say, started on this world, but didn't do very well as I was only playing because my brother started, so wasn't really that bothered.

But I played a little for a friend last month and now know that I want to get back into Tribal Wars, and more specifically world 36, as I feel I still have unfinished business here.

Please PM me if you know of any accounts.