Amestris Recruitment Center


We are a tribe of everyday growth, in which all players feel existed and at home. There are many opportunities for you to join, and you will have the choice, during war, to either participate or not.If you would like to join us in this exciting and fun tribe, where humor is always seen in forums, Contact me, Arkest.

We are ranked 2nd in K0
We have over 60 members
We are allied with the GOD family
We are allied with some of the HOT tribes
We are allied and NAP with the A~O~G tribes

members of *~CA~* will be given a monthly payment of 10.000 resources each. the longer they stay within the tribe the higher their salary increases, so if you are interested in this.. again, contact me Arkest.

About the Amestris Members
*Current members, that are active and well known within the tibe forums, are willing to help any new players.
*They are devoted, loyal, protective, and caring
*They are able to send support without complains
*They let you keep their support to your village untill your army are up and ready to defend yourself
*Has deep feelings of loyalty and protection towards ally tribes
*I believe we have some of the most experienced players, both in negotiations and battle tactics.

About the Leader and Founding Father of Amestris
I do not wish to brag about myself, but I assure you that I am not selfish and I do not burden my tribeemate with my problems.
I do not know what my comrades think of me, so if you want to know how they feel about me... contact any members of the tribe *~CA~*.

Requirments to join
Must NOT be a refugee or a Fugitive
We mostly recruit in K0, K1, K7, K8, K10, K70, K19, and K98.
Contact Arkest if you would like to join, and please introduce yourself in an appropriate way. We do not tolerate rudeness, demanding messages, nor threat messsages.

Amestris Family Tribes

*~CA~* = Central Amestris (Main Tribe)
~*AA*~ = Amestris Academy (Academy Tribe)
=AAD= = Amestris Army of Distruction
~SRA~ = Supreme Rulers of Amestris
AEAO = Amestrian Elite Assassins Org.
E/F~A~ = Elite.Fire of Amestris
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Recruitment are still open untill this topic is deleted by me