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Snow Rabbit

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When you have sent troops from villages of your for stacking/defending purposes it is often hard to keep track of how much you have sent (issue illustrated in first picture), until it has all arrived.

For example when you are trying to get enough troops in a village to withstand say 10 nukes, counting up individual incoming support commands so you can use the simulator to test how many nukes your stack would hold is often extremely tedious and time consuming having to add up each unit number from say 50 different packet commands to get unit totals.



Could it be implemented to have say a "total amount of support incoming" window at the bottom of the Incoming troops window in the village overview/total support landing on village window if the village you are sending at is not your own (illustrated in second picture), in both situation situated below the Incoming troops/own command windows



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I might have misunderstood, but in the case that it's your own village, you can already see how much support you have incoming by going to rally point-->request. And for any other village, I think someone made a script for this. However, I am not sure it is allowed, you have to check that.

If this is being implemented I would like to add another feature to this, being able to select the support commands you would like to count. Sometimes there are multiple nukes heading towards a village before train arrives and your support lands before and between these nukes. It would therefor be nice to select the incoming support for each wave itself and have a button that says "select all" if you want to calculate everything


I love this idea. A lot of people use a script for this, but this is beneficial to everyone who doesn't know about the script, and the script users cause it saves us like 10 seconds. :D

So many scripts are fairly simple to implement into the game, and it evens the playing field for everyone who doesn't know about the scripts or where to find them.