Antz are marching again!

Mistakes Were Made

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Harsh tone? We were nothing but good to you. And then we find out you were sitting Incoming impact and vice versa and you expect to be treated with respect? You told council that you would not be launching on him and, if I remember correctly, no one berated you for it. Although standing idle and not participating is one thing, your reasons were understood. However actively aiding an enemy to the tribe is, to use your terminology, absolutely disgusting.
No war was declared and he was a dear friend of many. You did everything you could to make sure he was playing alone, was offline and had all his defense elsewhere when you kicked and launched on him. It was my moral obligation as a friend and a person who played extensively on the account that it did not get lost because of only inactivity alone. Your acts were disgusting to begin with, you forced my hand.

Mistakes Were Made

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No. What we lost was a toxic member of the tribal wars community, which is a total win in my eyes.

EDIT: Two toxic members if we are including you. :rolleyes:
Frankly we're glad we dont have to play under your restrictive leadership. You restricted our growth heavily for no reason and decided to hide the fact you were doing it so there would be less conflict. Both of us have either passed the TreX account or been very close to doing it, and as we grow it just so happens that people start calling Sam greedy and he gets kicked for no new actions, and as for me, you NAP and recruit every decent expansion in sight. And when we OP you ask me to launch trains 8 hours before fakes are even to be started claiming that Misfits will believe that we're sending "noble fakes". And big surprise, TreX account gets tonnes of free villages and steals the village .facepalm decides to gift me after making the account quit because a tribe we NAP 24 hours later "could take it". Good riddance. Back to having a life, and not getting yelled at for needing a coplayer. Oh sure you didnt mean to come off as rude, that's just the way you are.

Oh and Sean was ready to coplay me and then the problem would have been solved, but you guys never got back to me? He wants me to pass a greeting, but I'm not allowed to use that kind of language on these forums.

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Mistakes i tought you were a great player? Why did TEA internal you? I am sure i know you from somewhere else and that inheard your namw before.

Mistakes Were Made

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Mistakes i tought you were a great player? Why did TEA internal you? I am sure i know you from somewhere else and that inheard your namw before.
There were a lot of reasons. I was not allowed to have my own account and was required to merge after I told them I knew who Sam's "spy" was, but I refused to tell them. This was after I was threatened with a kick if I didn't give undeniable proof that I wasn't a BiP spy (they claimed sam outed me as a spy, obviously to get me to turn on him) at which point I said I'd hand over his spy if they could prove that Sam did indeed lie and say I was a BiP spy. They then exposed that it was all a ruse but they would still kick me for knowing who the spy was.

It's all pretty convoluted, but if you dont backstab people for TEA when you can, you are getting kicked if they find out. At least that's the precedence they set with my case.

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It's funny, how the title of this thread is "antz are marching again". When clearly the internal conflicts of TEA has clearly hijacked this thread. :D

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i am thinking of creating tea drama thread that way no more threads get hijacked.

if i get enough thanks on this post i will do it
Drama can't be created artificially. It pops up from thread to thread as someone insults something about TEA and they latch onto it and start a flame war. You can't just contain that.


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RIP Antz. An op on Kirk (even though he didnt lose many villages) he disbands. You are still all fair targets.