Any open accounts???


How you gonna do that when nobody will give u a account cus ur badddd hmm?


Yeah, try and get Cele account, I'll have someone to play with then :icon_twisted:


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actually no lol haha!! its built on now cleaning up enemies or former enemies haha!!!

i made mistakes and payed for them thats why it looks like i suck haha!!!

ive been playing for a year highest rank is 294 highest oda rank is 150 highest odd is 220 lol ive lead tribes also haha! highest tribe ive lead rank wise is 8th thats just some back ground knowledge :) i know a lot of ppl too hha!! just not in this world only jake ;)
Saying that you have just clearly admitted you suck


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check with V, i hear they gave Lanky an account, so apparently they will gift an account to just about anybody :p

Mr Lanky

No they'd refuse you I'm pretty certain, but that's because they have a rule on humans with half logical brain processes only. If I only just scraped in you have no chance. wub joo x x


ummm, your quoting shahyd who is not in DVADER. so i dont know why you think DVADER is worried about that from shahyd's post.... :icon_neutral:
Exactly what I was thinking...

Shahyd never has been in (and I doubt will ever be in) DVADER


My bad.

What I meant was.

Dvader always pick on the most active and biggest players in a tribe to get a decisive win early on in the (or any) war and therefore are a step closer to world domination.

kamari rises

Isn't a lot of your w24 account built on 3k barbs and currently being taken out?

If you want an account, people often want to know a little more about you, other than you want a pre-built account. :)
PIck me!