Any open accounts?


Hello all. Im Ryan. I have a lot of experience and i would like to join a tribe on this world. I dont care which account or if im by myself or am co-playing someone but i can give you my experience and whatever you need if you contact me on skype at pats.fan10. thank you very much.


I'll contact ya. rest of these nubs you wouldn't want involved with ;)


I'm also interested to get back into the game.
Looking for a account in this world with complete takeover, meaning the person have retired the game and u holding on the password.
When I retire, I will return the account to the tribe.


Below are some of my credits.

In Travian... one fo the many
Top hero killer =
Top various awards =
Top rank =

In TribalWar
World 4 = constantly leading until self-retirement.
#2 player need 2 months to reach #1 when my account inactive.

World 15 = A rotten account hampered until left with 42 villages and I took over to reach this state in 8months before I return the account to the alliance.

World 54 = Started when K15 continents was lead by other players, I joined an alliance which other players already have a few villages and I was last. After I started to lead K15 and the alliance chart, I felt “no motivation”to carry on. So I left the account for someone to take over.

Ages of Patrons - Beta World (Joined during mid of beta time, retire due to feel game too easy for me) (Rank 1 by Population and armies) (Rank 1 by Robbing)


Because he wants to experience life inside the super awesome tribe that is Axte.