any way back for a noob like me

my kingdomken

hey to world 17 and all its nublets

im looking to start playing the game again seriously like i used too, ive been following the externals for the last few month now and allthough im sad to see my old tribe now gone (bok), i can see that the world still has along way to go.

id like to start playing again mainly just to see if ive still got the shazam i used too and also to see the worlds politics from inside the game rather than just reading this chicken feed thats on here.

probably not many of you will remember me but when i quit this world i had just over 3 mill points and around 320 villages, with and oda of around 20 mill.

for anyone/tribe willing to give/share an account either reply here or give me a pm



Ive sent you a mail and notified my duke.

strove - 13th
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