Apathy Formally Declares War on Corp Family.

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Hello W91!


I'm here tonight to announce a state of war between on one side Apathy ( ;) ), and on the other side, the family of Corp ( :( ).

We realize that in terms of points this is a somewhat lopsided war.

Apathy's ~9 Mill V Corp's ~17 Mill.
^ Map of both tribes.

But we have a very good reason for pushing on trough with it nonetheless!

^ Declaration Video.

If you hadn't figured it out yet, the above video is me and ToPaT trying to come up with a plausible reason for our war whilst drunk. I think that went rather well and civilized considering the circumstances and the liquor involved o0
Basically, our princess Kate2 from W83 Golden... Ended up in K55 during start up. Her co wasted their relocate and they were forced to stay there... They joined Corp, and in Corp climbed to become a baron and diplomat. We thought Kate would much rather be with her friends in Apathy though! So we spoke to her about it... But something had changed! It was as if she liked the hellhole that is Corp, or at least she tried to find a plausible reason for liking it there... It was clear to us. Our Kate was suffering from Stockholm's syndrome.
After realizing that we wanted to free her from Corp, Evil shitty wizard Sam locked her up in a tower. Where only her lovely handmain Heather123 would be allowed to enter. And placed a guard at the base of her tower. The noble knight Zain. Who would let nobody, not even Sam, enter without Kate's permission.
Trying to remedy this situation is Apathy. Who aims at overthrowing Sam so Kate can be free once more.


... Right, after typing the above in full, I realize just how stupid it is. But ah well, who cares? Besides I'm sure people know the actual underlying reasons for this war, if not:
A long history of hostility has existed between both tribes. With some past skirmishes from Corp on Apathy with a low rate of success. The situation further went sour due to the recruitment of former SAGA by Corp and encroaching on K45 where Apathy has dominance. This situation has now deteriorated until such a point where a war is inevitable.

So now, for a more formal approach:

Apathy has declared war, 1 tribe against many (Corp, NAP, =CY= and a few smaller basher like tribes in K55/56.).
Obviously, this will be an uphill battle, even if I deem our players as superior to Corp's, it will still be difficult due to numbers.

If other tribes wish to join in on this, they're free to do so. On either side, lets just have fun shall we? This is a wargame after all :)
I must ask the other tribes of this world though, to communicate with Apathy if they wish to recruit from this family. Otherwise indiscriminate recruitment of these war refugees might lead to another war in the future. Which would be at our earliest convenience.
An exception to this are the following 3 members of Corp, whom we like and can be recruited by whomever and whenever without additional "permission"
- Zain
- Heather123
- Malt Whisky

... And as promised, me singing some more >_> ToPaT liked Bleach, so it's to a Bleach AMV.

Kind regards, Apathetic h0llygh0st.

This declaration was made in good fun. We hope you don't take offense to anything in it. Alcohol was, as always, involved...


Don't think I have ever seen a declaration done with MS Paint :cool: very well done! Curious as to how this war will change with CORP also being at war with Infame. Good luck to all sides.
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okay holly, you passed singing lesson Lvl 1 with bleach. now onto Lvl 2.

Don't be shy! listen once then sing the second time!

(actually good >_> don't hate on my music(beginning is weak tho))

Now back to corp war.

Been waiting for this one for quite a while, but first, let's get back to rimming ex-saga players like we promised. Razzald just for you I will cat your last villa to 50 pts ;) That way you will be spared from the rim. Generous right?

Good luck to both side (more to apathy cause I want to win) and may the odds be ever in your favor.





I don't mean to offend someone mate :( I'll apologize for it. I just wanna share my mistake this morning :) Peace Jasper, Peace Everyone :)


I don't mean to offend someone mate :( I'll apologize for it. I just wanna share my mistake this morning :) Peace Jasper, Peace Everyone :)
I deleted my original comment. Just no need to insult someone, especially their looks.


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Nice declaration. This should be a big and long war.
At 3.36 of the first video, i hope that's apple juice and you're not promoting alcoholism Jasper :p

Good luck Apathy!