Apex Declared War on...


Kirky. Just face it, mate. You have no experience leading massive tribes. Should you have had any experience you would of understood there was a war coming and pre-stacked like ourselves. You launched a two tribe op from both long and close range and came out with -12 noble ratio. Just goes to show a little management experience and world observation can achieve.

All in all - You may as well quit and move onto a new world.


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Latest OP from Tyrant..

Side 1:
Tribes: Tyrant
Side 2:
Tribes: APEX, ApexB

Timeframe: Last 24 hours

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 52
Side 2: 3
Difference: 49



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Wow! I started this thread weeks ago to get Apex to finally internal me so I could play casual, so it's weird to see its still going. But, even more weird, is that Apex is finally in an actual war? After all the shenanigans Kirk pulled on his tribemates, after interning all his best players for daring to want to have a real war, he is now in a real war....

I wonder if he wishes he had some of those players now?

So, Apex is actually having a war against a tribe that can fight back, not just their own players they kicked out or small rim tribes.

Should be fun to watch.


Congratz to Tyrant on winning the war.

Well deserved.

My respect especially goes to those that fought well (from both sides) while staying away from all the cursing/arguments etc..

I hope we continue to the end of this world with respect between all of us, wars or not.


Wow. Just when you think Kirk can't sink any lower as a leader, he drives away his most loyal members, then disbands the tribe and leaves the remainders swinging in the breeze.

The worst leader of a top 5 tribe I have ever seen in Tribal Wars.

Also, props to Tyrant for their role in the whole thing. Very impressive showing.

Michael Corleone.

Kirk doing the same thing over and over again with the same result. Isn't that insanity? :D