Apoc family

Am I Right ?

Yeah, they seem to be going ok, They must have good leaders, But why has 2 APOC changed their tag?

Knife Party

Give it a few days. The world has only been out like 6hours..


This familly is made just for fun I think and nothing more. :D lol

Remember my ID

They look like they doing good but still BP not over so dont jump to any conclusion too early. If all 7, I think remain tribe maxed out it equals 40x7=280 and remember. At the end of the world. 40 of those would win the world and PP so war will break out between them as everyone wants to be in top 40 to get PP. So I think alot of the tribes will break apart from APOC family but time will tell. They might not be nubs after all. We give them battles to make sure they dont win the world so watch out. You not protected yet

Miller d

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I'm sure someone requested an apoc tribe coa in my shop 6_6 any realtion?

/goes to check

EDIT: just a signature request... still could have been a member of the tribe though.

/goes to check.


if you turn left its the same old place, but a right turn takes you to glory.