Okay, i wouldn't mind having a tribe in advance. So i'll just get this application over with, give me a forum pm if you want me, then i'll choose who.

1st things first though, I will not join shrooms.

My application

I have much past experience and am playig world 35 right now as Biggsy-32 and have quit world 37, waiting to be nobled. I have palyed world 6, 13, 14, 15 & 20 as Sbiggs but that accounts long gone. My best was 225K points on world 15, i was on the rim at teh time, and was rank 1 in K1 with 100K points there and had teh rest in K22, part of V V V for a long time, about 3 months, but left because i wanted to go into a mono on mono war with an ally. i won it they deleted but i quit about 5 days.

so send me a message if you want me in your tribe, i won't have premium don't see the need, but i am pretty good at making coats of arms for players & tribes, usually for a weeks of premium but wont do them thsi world, too busy else where.


Well, i have now decided where i'm going to go.

So this doesn't need to be here any more, can be deleted.

I can't wait for world 38 to start.