ARM...worst tribe in the game


I recently had the misfortune/pleasure of being attacked by players from Armageddon.

Having seen the build up of each NUKE, I am sure, nay certain that Armyruckius and Dumbo must share the same stem cells.

What pains me is when someone enters into battle but does not have the proper skill set to do so they should refrain from entering that battle. In any battle out prepare the other.

Armyruckius, you have a lot of preparation to do.

My pleasure of course is derived from a rapid increase in my ODD!


attacking with scout nukes and defending with nobles i guess....:icon_eek:


The guy is one of the barons in the tribe,

his typical nuke consists of 9k troops split between spear, sword, and axe and archers...sometimes my defensive troops are honored by 100 or so LC to...

4 others have been hit with similar make appt its not an honour saved just for me... ;)

Then again they are led by Zedrick the Great (161 conquers...109 of them were BARBS of which 102 were 3.5k or less) one way to hit 1mill points!
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We kinda realized that back in October when the last post in this thread was made... But thanks for the incite.