As the end draws near...


Hey W100,

Just wanted to start off by saying I hope everyone enjoyed his/her Holiday season! I know I sure did.

Last week I went on an amazing back-country back packing trip to Crater Lake, Oregon.
It has been one of the best uses of vacation days I've ever enjoyed.


Needless to say, coming back to about 200 fewer villages - over a 5 day span, that just about broke me for this world.
Convenient that my sitter is in the same tribe as lots of y'all on 105 :p *

*That isn't me calling foul play, just a notable mention.

A sad sight, just as I recently saw Mulm stated, I too have completely solo'd this world and I think I could have given you all quite some fun in the coming weeks. :)

I've had some fun playing against quite a few of you.
Most notably the last few skirmishes - Yellowpain, Krieger, Twosweatynerds, The Ashen One, Jimball is back.
To the others out there, I'm sorry I couldn't be more of a challenge - I made the time when I could and its a shame that literally every original 100 players bailed on me.

It was definitely fun while it lasted.

I will say that this world has definitely reinvigorated my interest in this game, being out there and all the freedom of the wilderness - it really brought me back down to earth in terms of what's really important.
Reminded me why I had to quit 7 years ago.

This is not to say that I'm 100% done, I may have just the heart left to have a little more fun with y'all <3

I guess my main point was to say hi, to remind you all of how beautiful some places in the wold are, and to explain what happened to my account. I didn't run away and I didn't roll over, no excuses - congratulations to ODZ and Swedes. :)

Much <3,
BigT - Battlepants