I've been playing for going on 3 and 1/2 years now in Various Worlds like W16, W32 and more recently W40, i would class myself as bieng highly experienced with a good knowledge of the vast majority of in game tactics. As for my Experience and past, PM me and we'll see what you think..

I'll list all the basics, but to be honest most people claim they can do these..

- Snipe 150ms Trains, fastest i've done is 65ms on a German world.
- Send 150-200Ms Trains, depending on Connection but usually 150-200..
- BM Farm and i do this actively..
- Re-cap/Crash.
- Zone Nobling which im hoping you guys do here..
- Im active and if needed can find my own experienced Co-player easily.
- I have Skype and forwarding calls to my phone if im needed in an emergency.

Drop me a PM and we'll have a chat on Skype. Im only looking to Co-play an Account over 4m otherwise there really isn't much need for me, too little to do.