Auto Updated Maps


as always i love this thread, but i noticed the point totals next to the maps aren't correct anymore, guess theres no way to update those. :S


Which map are you refering to? Because my numbers match (roughly) those on the map talking about total points of the families.
I have PKs F at 361,766,842 compared to the map having them at 361,598,057. I'd assume the difference in time between my readings and this maps readings could explain that difference. And don't forget recently PKs F has grown with RFG members so these numbers should be really far off if they didn't update.

Agent Incognito

Uh. I didn't even notice this was geschlossen. Null clue why it was. But... ungeschlossen? :icon_eek:

Chingis Khan

Why have the maps not worked since the revamp? Or is that just me?


It's not just you. I also tried reposting the links in case it sort of "refreshed" things, but it didnt work either. Anyone else know a good place to go for auto updating maps?


Unlike these maps the mods are not updating. :\
can't wait till the first mod with a bright moment says: 'what maps?'. :p


lol....what a world. the best world i ever play...too bad i have to stop there...end in LEGION!!! :icon_twisted:


lol....what a world. the best world i ever play...too bad i have to stop there...end in LEGION!!! :icon_twisted:
one of my best worlds too, hehehe, sad to say, RL really is an issue, hehehe..

btw, I'm from SCI family, hehehe


Maps look... like maps. Interesting to see how things have changed, how it has turned out so far. Guess V V V continued taking chunks of SCIOVA/SCIR0S in the north, borders have changed a bit.


The borders have changed. Lots in some areas, very little in others.
Good to see you;re still lurking around TM.


huaaa ... saw the map and i remember resemble the map with the 3 kingdom map!! even the tribe strength is similar ...

vvvf like wei dynasty lead by cao-cao
tse like shu dynasty lead by liu bei
and sciros like wu dynasty lead by sun quan

base on 3kingdom history the battle between 3 big tribe will not end sooner, because each tribe just warring for each other , if two tribe go to big war then the other tribe will take big benefit. so three of them will not make big war (dead end decision lol).

in 3 kingdom history the winner is the wei dynasty , the shu dynasty destroyed first after that the wu dynasty destroyed also .. i wanna to know if this 3 tribe will end with the similar fate.. :icon_cool: