Awesome Display of Power!!!


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Side 1:
Tribes: Prime
Side 2:
Tribes: TPN, Sparta

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 13,145
Side 2: 3,551
Difference: 9,594


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 124,457,525
Side 2: 34,779,494
Difference: 89,678,031


2 tribes can't do much against Prime. So do you think the others have any chance of winning?


Nope calis it wasn't, this guy seems to think that prime are the only tribe on teh planet to win a world, its a joke really and i can't wait for them to finally wi the world just to see the flames :D

i hope noone picks on my ampac though, he is legend!


ampac - you nobled 1556 barb villages... how is that "awesome" (out of 3394)

46% of your conquers were barb.

In fact almost 40% of all Prime conquers were BARB!
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im tryng to take all the barbs to stop prime getting them lol


Sparta's Record

No tribe 18,163 conquers 57.12% :icon_smile:
out of which
Barbarian 16,769 conquers 52.74% :icon_eek:
Sparta 6,591 conquers 20.73%.....internal nobling :icon_neutral:

Losses against Prime

Prime 9,244 conquers 50.33% :lol:

I let the facts speak on their own!:icon_wink:


the fact is prime are loosers who have recruited to get to the top now thats a fact


Losers are those who do not stand and fight but run away and noble inactives to remain alive.:icon_wink:

But what amazes me is that you folks are all talk...blab blab blab

This game is called TRIBAL WARS... tribal means more than one person, hence Tribal.... and if someone gets mass nuked by various Prime menbers then it called not fair! Hello...if this was a one on one War game then it would have been called something else......

As for War it means simply than various players war each others, and not run to far away K's and noble inactive players just to keep alive......Get the hint?

Now for the stupid comment regarding recuitment...please check the stats before you open your mouth( or write)...Prime never recuited to stay on top....far from it.... other tribes did that to stay in their ranking ....and all tribes recuited..........

The difference in the way pRIMe recuited than other tribes did is in the way that we always believed that apart from head on war and nuking we used our heads... All through out Prime's history we had various dukes who always pulled at the same rope, not looking for personal glory but for the better of the tribe. Never was there a revolt or mass exodus.......we made friends inside and outside prime menbership hence why at some point various menbers joined us when we saw fit.

tribal wars is more than nuking and nobling sometimes calls for mature diplomatic manuvers which seem that none of you guys have...


if your trying to get at me for moving ks i suggest you look at the stats there are no safe ks anymore and yes im here for personal glory as well as what ever tribe im in
and yes its a war game just a pity prime win by politics not war even though you have some good players
one more thing ive achieved every goal ive set my self look whose number one overall and odd i intend to finish the world that way lol
ive just checked your stats rank 66 odd talk about hiding you must be playing under cover :}
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20 alanazz [Prime] 155,21 Mio. as Opponents defeated

that's because i'm not loved much....but i lov others....what can i do?:icon_eek:

joking apart.....

i never hid, if you look where i'm am you see the ROUTE of THE SOUTH WEST PACK....from k51 to k96 and no stopping....:icon_razz:

why now you'r gonna tell me that this area is not important....bla bla bla!:icon_wink:


prime take this game to serious if you check any of my posts i just like to wind yous up i see my incoming going up again lol
as for areas not being important every area is important like you say joking apart prime leaders past and present have done a grand job i always give credit where its due even to the enemy yous have recruited the best from other tribes as well


lol people still cant handle the fact that prime won the world despite the fact that there were so many "better" tribes.


Mass Nuking?

I am not sure why Sparta is complaining about mass-nuking of their members. I seem to recall some attention from Sparta not long ago, you didn't see us moaning about it.

Just sayin'



and noble inactive players just to keep alive......

I must be missing something ?

pRIMe have always nobled inactive players, i guess it's ok for them to do it because they are pRIMe, and they are quite simply the best. T'ampac excepted.


fear?! W20 still living on my coat tails hey BH


you still playing?