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Axis of Awaiting Destiny ( AXIS ) Is a north-west based tribe looking to become somewhat larger than it currently is.

Current tribe info ( Updated regularly )
Current points : 71121
Current members :24
Current point average : 2761
Current villages : 33
Recruitment open: yes.
Point cap: 500 or above only.
Activity cap: active atleast once every two days.

Main rules -
do not ask for ranks.
try and remain as active as possible
help out others if possible and it's needed.
no abuse towards our own and other tribes.

Recruitment template ( Should you wish to apply )

Name :
Points :
Villages :
Continent :
Experience :
Activity :
Notable information :

Thanks for reading, I look forward to the replys.

Axis Leader.

PS - Don't hesitate to contact me in-game.
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New edit in main post.

Axis is still recruiting!