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I didn't get an infraction for it? As such, I'm not discussing infractions, I'm just discussing the supposed no-one-posts rule, although if you keep posting here, you may get one to talk about! :lol:

Just let u6 answer me :p


I'll let this one slide, but for future reference you are not allowed to discuss moderating actions. That includes deleting posts, not just infractions/warnings/bans.


You deleted one of my posts earlier for being one word. I was wondering since when this the case, for I cannot find it included anywhere in the forum rules? The only vague reference is:

However, it does not say all one word posts, only off-topic ones. So surely on-topic ones are allowed (and I think that posts can be one word and on topic)?
Let me quote the rule again:

The Rules said:
Offtopic Posting
Please post answers/comments that are relevant and relate/refer to the thread topic. If you cannot post a sensible answer it is better to avoid saying anything. This is particularly true for one-word-posts like "lol" or "rofl".
Sensible does not mean on-topic. Sensible means:

sen·si·ble   [sen-suh-buhl] Show IPA
having, using, or showing good sense or sound judgment: a sensible young woman.
cognizant; keenly aware (usually followed by of ): sensible of his fault.
significant in quantity, magnitude, etc.; considerable; appreciable: a sensible reduction in price.

If the post is not significant, meaning it does not contribute to the thread at hand, it is not a sensible response. One word posts are not significant or contributions to a thread. If you wish to pick on my word choice, feel free, but...I think it's fairly clear :).

But I still take that to mean only off-topic one-word posts, since the rule itself refers to off-topic posts in general. I'm not saying that my one word post was particularly helpful, it probably should have been deleted, it's just that u6 said that one word post are not allowed, when as far as I could see some on-topic ones could be.
Read above.


Sorry, it wasn't really my intention to discuss moderating actions, just ask about the 1 word post rule.

You are right, I was just wondering about it (that is what Q&A is for right?). Thank you for clearing that up.



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Is the term 'gangabanged' allowed in the form of TW?
Example: You declared war on them, and they gangbanged you.


Lots of people must get infractions for it if it's not allowed.


Is the term 'gangabanged' allowed in the form of TW?
Example: You declared war on them, and they gangbanged you.
It is allowed. The word itself is not considered profanity, and is used across many game platforms to mean "outnumbered". As a result, it can be used. The line is drawn when the phrase is used with word-imagery, in the other definition, etc.


Is there a max noble travel time on this world and if so what is it? and is loyalty drop 19-35?

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Is it OK to talk in an insulting way about somebody to a third party in PM?
e.g. "I think X is an idiot. What do you think?"

And if the third party forwards this PM to X does that count as me insulting X or the third party?

And another question about being nobled and respawning.
If a player in a tribe is nobled he restarts in his tribal area right?
If the tribe is spread over a few K, like three, but there's one K that dominates will the starts happen in the dominant K or is there a chance they might respawn in any of the 3 K's. How does the program decide?
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In PM, it's not my jurisdiction so I can't honestly tell you. It's not up to me.

Also a question that I'm not sure about. I suggest you submit an in-game ticket for the second, as I have only a guess and I would hate to give a wrong answer :).

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I have a problem relating to changing accounts. I agreed to donate my villages in W64 to a neighbouring player by means of case 3 here:

Unfortunately, because i didn't want him to know my primary e-mail address I changed it to a secondary address of mine just before the handover. I then discovered that that meant he could not change it to complete the handover for 14 days. No matter, I thought, till I saw that World 66 is about to start - exactly where I want to be. My tribe awaits but I can't pre-register with them and get a village among them until the switch has been completed, which will be after the start date of W66.

Is there any way around this / to accelerate the switchover? I would raise a support ticket, but of course I don't really have an active account all my own to do it from, and I have no straightforward way to contact the new owner (who has also yet to change the user name, although he has renamed my villages).


This is a highly complicated situation from what I can tell, and not one that I can make a call on. I recommend creating a simple new account (it takes just a few minutes to create a new one) and using that for the support ticket. You can create it on a world you aren't playing and/or won't play, like World 63, and submit the ticket for W64 instead. The in-game mods should be able to help you out from there :).