Battle of the Graphics III: Round 1.


Welcome to Battle of the Graphics III.

In Battle of the Graphics, 16 competing designers will battle it out in a 1v1 themed poll-off. The winner will progress to the next round, the loser will be knocked-out of the competition, until we have our final grand champion. Our competitors are:

1 jalwis2007
2 Dawgation
3 syntexgrid
4 -FreakOnALeash-
5 Werbenjagermanjensen
6 Back 2 Back
7 harbinger297
8 jamesanddelo2
9 yurtles
10 Hard.
11 Reza the killer2
12 Loading .
13 SchismWithin
14 King Sean04
15 Undead Billy Mays
16 Evil Culprit

The theme for round 1 is simple, following the traditional first round theme of; Freestyle.



Maximum size of 500X200px.

No name tags or ID markers; all entries must be anonymous.

Entries are to be mailed via PM to me by 04/07/12, and I will organize the set up for polls for Syntex.

For the freestyle theme just about anything goes. Standard forum rules apply (nothing obscene, racist, offensive, etc).


The pairings have been decided randomly via a random number generator, each competitor assigned a numerical value and randomly generated as pairs (pretty simple, but effective).

The pairings for the first round are:​

  • 3 V 14:
    syntexgrid VS King Sean04

  • 12 V 8:
    Loading . VS jamesanddelo2

  • 2 V 6:
    Dawgation VS Back 2 Back

  • 1 V 4:
    jalwis2007 VS -FreakOnALeash

  • 11 V 16:
    Reza the killer2 VS Evil Culprit

  • 5 V 7:
    Werbenjagermanjensen VS harbinger297

  • 15 V 10:
    Undead Billy Mays VS Hard.

  • 9 V 13:
    yurtles VS SchismWithin

Good luck, thanks for participating. Feel free to comment/discuss/ask any questions in this thread.​
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4/07/12? Its 6/27/13 for me now?
You obviously live somewhere in the US. Almost everywhere else in the world uses the dd/mm/yyyy format for dates instead of the mm/dd/yyyy

In case you don't understand what I'm meaning by this because you're holed up in your ignorance, it's July 4.


4/07/12? Its 6/27/13 for me now?
13? :icon_eek:

But as jalwis2007 said, July 4th. Given that TW is based on GMT, which is London time, which is the UK, which is dd/mm/yyyy, it makes more sense to use it here. If it was on the US server, I would say the opposite. :icon_razz:


I had to get UBM? I'm calling shenanigans! Thanks for organising this Harb. I'll get an entry together soon.


There's a fair few people I'd rather get than you. Best of luck'll need it! *beats chest*


I haven't looked at any of the entries yet, I won't until I have finished mine. :icon_razz:


Or you could finalize your pieces before you submit them, would be nice, instead of a million adjustments later. :icon_razz: