Battle of the Graphics; III


Just wondering about numbers; who would be interested? If you are genuinely interested, please post to give me an idea. I personally wouldn't mind having another round, it's fun.

Edit: Battle of the Graphics is a knock-out tournament with randomly selected 1v1 battles which are decided via poll (you can look back through this forum to see some previous rounds). Each round has a set theme. The winner proceeds to the next round until we have our champion.

These are the competing 16:
  • jalwis2007
  • Dawgation
  • syntexgrid
  • -FreakOnALeash-
  • Werbenjagermanjensen
  • Back 2 Back
  • harbinger297
  • jamesanddelo2
  • yurtles
  • Hard.
  • Reza the killer2
  • Loading .
  • SchismWithin
  • King Sean04
  • Undead Billy Mays
  • Evil Culprit
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I vote yes and i would want to be in it! (What is a battle of the graphics?):icon_biggrin:


Battle of the graphics is basically a knock-out tournament. We have had two rounds so far which were pretty fun. We need 16 people to have a proper knockout, if we have less we can probably work out some kind of method though.