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Far in the icy north, three factions are caught in an epic battle. They have been crossing blades for centuries, without one being able to emerge victoriously. To solve this stalemate they called in help from the tribes of the south, to assist them in their fight, and are offering valuable objects in return. At the center of this eternal struggle stands a dark and nameless tower, overlooking the snowy landscape. Its height and strong walls make it not only an impressive landmark, but a position of great strategic interest. This iconic centerpiece is why the conflict has been recorded as the "Battle of the Tower".


The Battle

The battle begins on December 8th, around 14:00 and will end on December 22nd around the same time. The event will not be available on Classic and Tournament.
During this time three factions will battle for control of the north; the Order of the Tusks (Red), The Order of the Tree (Green), and the Order of the Wave (Blue).

At the beginning of the event, you are assigned to a mercenary group. These consist of 40 players each. For the battles ahead these are the comrades you will be fighting alongside.

The event itself consists of several skirmishes, each lasting 24 hours. After continuous fighting on the battlegrounds, the frosty winds take their toll and force the regiments to withdraw, regroup and strike again.

In each battle you will be facing two other bands of mercenaries, fighting for one of the other factions. As mercenaries, you are of course fighting for the highest bidder. So while the faction you are fighting will change from the battle to battle, your company will not. After all, you are mercenaries, not marauders! But this also means that you are likely to be facing different enemies in every battle.


Your Troops
In the beginning, there are ten regiments at your command which you can use to attack or defend sectors on the battlefield. A sector is annexed by a faction if one of the group members brings the defense value to zero. After it is taken over the players can decide to use regiments to defend the sector, which increases the defense value and makes it harder for the other factions to take it away from them. Depending on how a regiment performs it will add or remove one to four points from the defense value. To reinforce his troops every player is granted an additional regiment per hour.


Glorious Rewards
At the end of each round, all players of the battle are awarded glory, which is determined by the sectors their faction holds at the end of the round and their individual position on their group's leaderboards. There are also quests that give additional glory upon completion.

Glory can be used in the event shop to buy valuable items, which will help you support your troops at home. After the event has ended, the shop will remain active for 24 hours. After this period your band of mercenaries is disbanded and you and your troops make your way home. All glory that is not spent until this point will be lost.

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