Best of Worst of (Taken from previous world forums)


it would be interesting to see peoples views on the following. I shall do it later when i have a little time to think about it and actually do some work for once

01). Best all-round player:

02). Best attacker:

03). Best defender:

04). Best strategic player:

05). Best player that got rimmed:

06). Biggest Barb taker:

07). Best tribe:

08). Runner-up Tribe:

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off:

10). The player you never want to piss off:

11). Best team (group of players):

12). Funniest player:

13). Best war:

14). Who would you most like to meet?:

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?:

16). Most overrated player:

17). Most improved player:

18). Most annoying player(s):

19). Luckiest player:

20). Best alliance:

21). Best farmer:

22). Best mail:

23). Most dramatic:

24). Most paranoid:

25). Most underhanded:

26). Most loyal:

27). Greatest spy:

28). Biggest Stat padder:

29). Best leader:

30). Worst leader:

31). Best team player:

32). Worst team player:

33). Laziest player:

34). Biggest Spammer: