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12. Funniest Player: dunno,,,maybe pnf o_O

That's sweet of you :)

17. Most over rated player: again with this,,looooooooooooooots of W78 are over rated,,I'm over rated myself :p
but pnf asked to be named here Sooo PNF you sir are the most over rated gut around ;)

I suck so hard at this game (nod). At least the world may finally know I'm noob ;)

22. Greatest Farmer: Titu-cin-many more
worst farmer is me by far :(

You forgot to mention me :O... Rude.

29. Biggest Stat Padder: PNF/GG ate internals,,grew,,,did nothing remarkable in this war,,etc

The internals were when Incoming Impact was playing my account so my account went backwards.