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Discussion in 'World 90' started by Celaethon, May 13, 2017.

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    01). Best all-round player: Deadmax

    02). Best attacker: Seven Devils

    03). Best defender: XAbbadonX

    04). Best strategic player: Phil on Deadmax or Seven Devils.

    05). Best player that got rimmed: Linoko

    06). Biggest Barb taker: Kixo

    07). Best tribe: BiP <3

    08). Runner-up Tribe: Tea > Dist.

    09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Seven Devils

    10). The player you never want to piss off: Seven Devils

    11). Best team (group of players): South group of BiP, Deadmax, Kreiz, Ragnar, Seven, Baker

    12). Funniest player: Everyone in BiP

    13). Best war: BiP Vs Tea

    14). Who would you most like to meet?: Fredrik and *Stark*

    15). Who's computer would you most like to break?:

    16). Most overrated player: Kreiz

    17). Most improved player: LawAndOrder1

    18). Most annoying player(s): LawAndOrder1, TrustmeimLying

    19). Luckiest player: Kreiz

    20). Best alliance: Tea/Dist.

    21). Best farmer: War-Peace

    22). Best mail: Al's vlogs or Fredrik's Vlog

    23). Most dramatic: Ragnar

    24). Most paranoid: Me

    25). Most underhanded: ?

    26). Most loyal: The guys that started in the premade in BiP/Tea that are still here.

    27). Greatest spy: Sam

    28). Biggest Stat padder: TreX/Razorshark

    29). Best leader: Fredrik

    30). Worst leader:Not sure, think Tea would have done much better without Al/Jake in the leadership, but then again I dont have full wiew over what they are doing.

    31). Best team player: Ang3l, Ned Stark., Kreiz.

    32). Worst team player: Sam

    33). Laziest player: Kreiz/Kixo/Coller
  3. 01). Best all-round player: King Banana or Majestee I guess?
    02). Best attacker: On my front at least, probably War-Peace, overall perhaps like King Banana.
    03). Best defender: Guess overall XabaddonX has lost very few villages despite having the largest ODD by a margin
    04). Best strategic player: I don't think anyone plays particularly smart around WTs currently
    05). Best player that got rimmed: If you get rimmed in WT world, then you probably either gave up or you suck
    06). Biggest Barb taker: 90% of players could be here
    07). Best tribe: Currently at least, BiP have shown themselves to overall be the best
    08). Runner-up Tribe: Past that TEA family is easily the second best
    09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Don't believe the lies above, winding up Ara is amusing
    10). The player you never want to piss off: No-one comes to mind
    11). Best team (group of players): BiP West, past that, Frontline of Eastern TEA/AD!
    12). Funniest player:
    13). Best war: ??? vs AD!
    14). Who would you most like to meet?: No-one really
    15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: My own, hopefully to make me quit
    16). Most overrated player: Beavis and Butthead and Purely Forgotten come to mind from the other side
    17). Most improved player: Perhaps Cian from Ragnar Lothbrok
    18). Most annoying player(s): No-one really annoys me
    19). Luckiest player: Too many to list off
    20). Best alliance: TEA/AD! I guess?
    21). Best farmer: War-Peace
    22). Best mail: The one from PinkVendetta back in the day where she said I was only alive because she let me
    23). Most dramatic: Black Princess comes to mind
    24). Most paranoid: TEA leadership or BiP leadership, both scared shitless of spies for god knows why
    25). Most underhanded: ...
    26). Most loyal: No-one comes to mind, its mostly been split by geographical things
    27). Greatest spy: There has not been a single impactful spy this world.
    28). Biggest Stat padder: Purely forgotten's stats are pretty padded
    29). Best leader: ...
    30). Worst leader: PinkVendetta was pretty awful
    31). Best team player: Can't think of one
    32). Worst team player: Probably someone ex-Infamy.
    33). Laziest player: Far too many to count
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    Lol.. That must av been pretty old mail DA. You still consider that the best?
  5. All mails since then quite frankly suck. Yes arguably there are clowns just as big as PV who still exist, but none so amusing.

    Actually thinking back on it, there is a more amusing mail, but I cannot share it on here. Anyone who knows about PinkVendettas job will understand.
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    01). Best all-round player: MaJaSTee

    02). Best attacker:

    03). Best defender:

    04). Best strategic player:
    perhaps XAbbadonX

    05). Best player that got rimmed:
    Good game ?

    06). Biggest Barb taker:
    Some AD! member

    07). Best tribe:

    08). Runner-up Tribe:

    09). The most enjoyable player to piss off:
    Lost ones

    10). The player you never want to piss off:

    11). Best team (group of players):
    The BiP players that impressed me with their teamwork: FKA, 7D, KB, Ragnar

    12). Funniest player:

    13). Best war:
    ??? vs AD!,
    BiP vs 2Hard that went to TEA.

    14). Who would you most like to meet?:

    15). Who's computer would you most like to break?:
    Multiple Wargasms

    16). Most overrated player:

    17). Most improved player:
    Cian from Ragnar Lothbrok

    18). Most annoying player(s):
    Mezonis, a beast that sadly hasn't done anything in a long time on this world. Would like to have seen more from him.
    =Bit Cloud=

    19). Luckiest player:
    Hydra of Lerna - lucky to have survived as long as he did without being exposed. Lucky to find himself in a top tribe.

    20). Best alliance:
    BiP and whoever merged into them

    21). Best farmer:

    22). Best mail:
    PinkVendetta's mails

    23). Most dramatic:
    Lost ones

    24). Most paranoid:
    Balian of Ibelin

    25). Most underhanded:

    26). Most loyal:
    Multiple Wargasms

    27). Greatest spy:
    ~CB~'s spy, honorable mentions to BOB's spy and Flux Capacitor

    28). Biggest Stat padder:
    RazorShark? PurelyForgotten?

    29). Best leader:
    KB, closely by TreX. It's a marvellous thing to see leaders leading from the front.

    30). Worst leader:

    31). Best team player: From what I saw BiP had great teamwork, TEA also had selfless players in the TreX account (Lennox, Jake) + Nathan Potter. I am biased however; Devil Bunny gets my vote for propping up the most dysfunctional front with probably the least skilled players

    32). Worst team player:

    33). Laziest player:
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    Who are u in game? Lol

    Why do u want to break my PC? :)))
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    01). Best all-round player: Trex
    02). Best attacker: Majestee
    03). Best defender: XabaddonX
    04). Best strategic player: Trex(at the beginng), KB later on since he put Bip where it is now.
    05). Best player that got rimmed: -
    06). Biggest Barb taker: Tudadar
    07). Best tribe: Currently Bip
    08). Runner-up Tribe:TEA
    09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: The Devil Bunny
    10). The player you never want to piss off: Ara (MW)
    11). Best team (group of players): AD! and later on TEA too, front
    12). Funniest player:The Devil Bunny
    13). Best war: ??? vs AD!
    14). Who would you most like to meet?:
    Surprisingly many people I met
    15). Who's computer would you most like to break?:

    Mezonis, he sends(or used to) enough fakes for everyone in w90
    16). Most overrated player:Hydra,from what I’ve heard.
    17). Most improved player: Cian from Ragnar Lothbrok

    18). Most annoying player(s): Don’t really pay attention,
    19). Luckiest player: Me
    20). Best alliance: TEA/AD!
    21). Best farmer: War-Peace
    22). Best mail: The Devil Bunny
    23). Most dramatic: Unfortunately many TEA players, no clue about Bip players
    24). Most paranoid:Ara(MW) maybe xD
    25). Most underhanded:-
    26). Most loyal: Ara(MW)
    27). Greatest spy:-
    28). Biggest Stat padder: No clue
    29). Best leader: KB I guess, he must be doing something right to keep Bip like it is.
    30). Worst leader: Pinkvendeta, funny girl but as far as leader not so much.
    31). Best team player: The Devil Bunny
    32). Worst team player: Inactives
    33). Laziest player: Shakeel
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    01). Best all-round player: Mezonis - He hasn't been able to devote as much time to this world and he is on a more difficult front than others are. However, he can do everything well. You would be hard pressed to find a real weakness in his gameplay.

    02). Best attacker: Majestee is probably the best overall from what I can tell but I think he is much more offense heavy than other accounts so more nukes helps. However I want to give a shout out to The Devil Bunny because out of who has attacked me on the world I would have to say he has done the best job.

    03). Best defender: Balian - Out of all the players that I have attacked I would say that he has done the best overall job defending based on his use of his troops to minimize losses especially. It does help that he is more of a turtle but he has been in the middle of the world and had multiple fronts and has held them well.

    04). Best strategic player: Not sure since this could be defined in different ways. However, the best strategic players are usually those who are actually willing to change strategy when they need to in order to have success. Often times many players keep trying to do the same thing all the time despite repeated failures.

    07). Best tribe: If you describe best only by measuring success then BiP is the best. However, in terms of team chemistry I feel Infamy was a great tribe to be in. Players quitting and leaving the world really hurt our chances of being able to compete for the win though.

    08). Runner-up Tribe: There are only winners and losers. No one wants to finish in second place.

    09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Balian's rants are quite epic and make for an entertaining read

    10). The player you never want to piss off: Usually the player that you never want to piss off is the one who is very hard to piss off. If you were to ask my coplayer, I think he would say that you should never want to piss me off.

    11). Best team (group of players): Right now, I feel like the players on the k44/54 front are working the best together for BiP: The Gay Land Pirate, Comply or Die, Disaster, Natticus, Candid Confession, Beavis and Butthead, Ang3l, cericd, etc. They are always helping each other out no matter what.

    13). Best war: Infamy/AD war primarily because the AD front players exceeded expectations by far and have done an excellent job fighting with us there. This is probably because they all seem to coordinate well with each other and our group isn't as good at that.

    14). Who would you most like to meet?: My coplayer Andrew who I have played with for several years now and I have a lot of respect for him. He is a rock and always shows up every day no matter what is going on.

    15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: No one's. Honestly l love a good battle against a skilled opponent. It makes me want to step up my game and find a way to beat them.

    20). Best alliance: Infamy/C9 mainly because it wasn't well known and we truly respected each other.

    21). Best farmer: L0V3R5 and Mezonis have been the main two that have ever made our account have to work hard to win looter.

    22). Best mail: PinkVendetta by far. Trying to talk with her made be both want to laugh out loud but also beat my head against a wall. The best think AD did was reform without her as leader.

    24). Most paranoid: Fred probably when it comes to being worried about spies and leaked intel.

    25). Most underhanded: Murph/Jake mainly because they seemed to be critical of other tribe's tactics while they engaged in many dishonorable tactics themselves.

    26). Most loyal: Vick on Gay Land Pirate. He will battle with his friends to the last village.

    28). Biggest Stat padder: Honestly, this really only bothers me at the end of a world when players max points on their villages to get rank. Otherwise, more villages means more troops and if the villages are free then why not noble them.

    29). Best leader: Vick on Gay Land Pirate - He shows up every day and motivates players. He rarely gets down and keeps fighting. His example inspires the players around him to want to work harder.

    30). Worst leader: PinkVendetta - Still can't understand why she refused to work out a NAP with Infamy. She simply refused to agree to even the simplest of terms. I truly feel that had she agreed to a NAP, this world would have turned out much differently.

    31). Best team player: Ang3l - He does everything for the good of the team from taking sits to sending support. I don't think I have ever heard him complain and he will always do what is asked of him.

    33). Laziest player: Adrift - Mainly because I know that Nemesis is a good player and he never really did anything on this world with his account. Although I do think he sat quite a few accounts to help out.
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    Is nothing wrong in being paranoid :X I understand him.
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  12. The world and the tribe was not right. That is all.

    Given the right circumstances, the account could have been the biggest in TEA right now and possibly even rank 1 given the trajectory it was originally on. Instead it is sitting there with nukes at home and nearly as many nobles as villages. There was effort put in, but only up until the 500k stage which allowed Adrift to evolve from a basher to getting into TEA (or Infamy but the borders were wrong). Past then, the passion was drained out due to the tribe not being particularly enjoyable to be in and having a plethora of problem as well as playing on other worlds. Not losing any villages and going slightly positive in the stats, propping the front through sits and support during enemy ops was honestly enough for me since I hardly cared whether TEA won or lost.

    The laziness is not because I myself am lazy, am willing to put in the work in the right circumstances, that's why I've won several worlds as a player/leader. People are slaves to their environment in TW. I just didn't full on quit like Mike/L0V3R5 say as I thought it would be awful for the front even with me putting in 10%.

    Perhaps in a different world, Infamy/BiP would have also clearly lost the Western front as I believe they deserved to rather than going relatively even. Alas, that is not this one.

    The only condolence is, at least I am less lazy than my coplayer.
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  13. Also I should mention, since it was pointed out to me and I forgot it, the reason that PV refused the NAP with Infamy was because it had restrictions on barb nobling in K43. That was literally it. TEA by contrast were willing to overlook that for a buffer, that is literally why K53 and a small part of K43 is TEA territory and not Infamy/BiP today.
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    I wasn't saying there was anything wrong with it. I understand as well.

    As a friend used to say, "just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you."
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    This is mostly true. We were willing to even allow barb nobling in k43 to a certain extent but pinkvendetta was never willing to talk specifics about it. She kept saying they would be done nobling in k43 soon but would never give any sort of timeframe.
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    I know that. I merely was basing my response on this world as I am sure you can understand. We all have our worlds where we aren't as motivated due to varying circumstances.
  17. Being paranoid about outside forces and backstabbing is good because it leads to preparation, being paranoid about spies sucks though. The latter just drags the whole tribe down by lowering trust between members which in turn limits teamwork. Spies are a limited threat anyways, you could argue they have gotten stronger in watchtower worlds, but they almost always sucked in top tribes asides from making leaders paranoid enough to say "WE HAVE A SPY WE NEED TO GET RID OF". Weak tribes though spies obviously still work well in.
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    I can only reply from my limited experience, which is a pretty gay preface. :p

    01). Best all-round player:
    The account that always knows what's going on with all their troops always, and knows when to stack, attack, recap, 24-7? And has the skills, probably war-peace.

    02). Best attacker:
    My ODD is low. :/ So hard to say enemies. I like Beavis timings, Candid's choices, Natticus overkill. If I must choose, then Disaster.
    Skills matter, but constant activity, quick assessment and exploiting an opportunity, for me goes to Disaster.

    03). Best defender:
    Bill and I went 72 hours non-stop with TreX in a 15x15. We lost 40-50 nobles and only capped the first couple vills. From my experience, Jake takes the cake.

    04). Best strategic player:
    Natticus. When we each had only a few vills, he had his plan. He hit the rim, he headed south, he moved in along the TEA and AD fronts. He uses all the vills and his backline effectively.

    05). Best player that got rimmed:
    King Baratheon, Subwind.
    I was on for Subwind. The neighbor account, prager, was on shabat and sat. So I gave the order to hit subwind with all D troops from the prager vill (which we had stacked). Subwind lost most troops, but hit prager and lost everything. prager rebuilt faster and rimmed subwind.
    Took a while for prager to not be pissed off about clearing with D troops.

    06). Biggest Barb taker:
    The guy who inherited a TEA account and immediately nobled 60 barbs.

    09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Can't say Balain because Bill blocked him after the first mail :p
    Anyone I can fang?

    10). The player you never want to piss off:
    I don't piss anyone off, so hard to say.

    11). Best team (group of players):
    GLBT Front !!!!!


    The BiP/Infamy core, headed you way soon (smooch)

    12). Funniest player:
    G Man on cericd, Jorge- because he's not funny, Balian- says some funny shit, Adam Bit-Cloud

    13). Best war: Early Disp-Cloud9 War
    Joking: The Duke of Disp resigned before nukes even landed. I capped 3 vills 24 hours before the landing time, oops.

    14). Who would you most like to meet?:
    My co, Pezington

    25). Most Gay: me

    29). Best leader: Bill on Cloud9, did a great job on the early game politics.
    Leadership sucks because so many players can be egoist douchebags.
    Numerous other mentionables

    31). Best team player:
    Ang3l, guys on Purely for sits.
    I can't choose one before another on the GLBT Front group. Whoever is online will send a nuke, support or noble for anyone in need at anytime, no questions asked, we just do it.

    33). Laziest player:
    Rugir "Champion"

    Lots of Gay love for the TEA players and BiP players I could not nominate because I don't know them very well.
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    Awwww Vick, now I'm butt hurt because you didn't nominate me for anything. :D <3

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    23). Most dramatic: Black Princess comes to mind

    I gladly accept this. My drama was 90% warranted and predicted what would happen.

    Recruiting trash players for their def and to finish wars before they even got going which only rushed the infamy/bip war.
    Keeping push accounts for "def" instead of internalling them to keep active accounts at a good size.
    Letting AL and Jake continue to lead when Al was inactive, and Jake only wanted to lead when it suited him.
    Those predictions though.

    Yeah I may have been dramatic, but I was right and most of TEA would agree.
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