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Stealing this idea that was stolen by someone on w94, which was stolen by someone on w95 which i'm sure as been stolen half dozen more times. You know what to do!

01). Best all-round player:

02). Best attacker:

03). Best defender:

04). Best strategic player:

05). Best player that got rimmed:

06). Biggest Barb taker:

07). Best tribe:

08). Runner-up Tribe:

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off:

10). The player you never want to piss off:

11). Best team (group of players):

12). Funniest player:

13). Best war:

14). Who would you most like to meet?:

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?:

16). Most overrated player:

17). Most improved player:

18). Most annoying player(s):

19). Luckiest player:

20). Best alliance:

21). Best farmer:

22). Best mail:

23). Most dramatic:

24). Most paranoid:

25). Most underhanded:

26). Most loyal:

27). Greatest spy:

28). Biggest Stat padder:

29). Best leader:

30). Worst leader:

31). Best team player:

32). Worst team player:

33). Laziest player:


I'm very biased here, but will make another in a few months as others solidify their zones.

1). Best all-round player: Frainzil

02). Best attacker: Toss up between Sstarkey and Frainzil currently. Both are good planners and attackers.

03). Best defender: TBD (have yet to see someone snipe, I know someone out there knows how to!)

04). Best strategic player: TBD (To be determined...)

05). Best player that got rimmed: So far, probably Pyon-yan. Curses! Who rimmed the poor farmer?

06). Biggest Barb taker: TBD :( Please don't take my farms.

07). Best tribe: Vodka (Did you expect anything else #biased)

08). Runner-up Tribe: Who? (Many of their players are solid, interested to see how this world plays out with them)

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: xshumax (so far, never seen someone rage so hard, don't even remember this guy)

10). The player you never want to piss off: Millemonkey (Personal experience so far)

11). Best team (group of players): Jake's premade (lucky to have them)

12). Funniest player: Whichever player who mailed me "what it do?"

13). Best war: Vodka vs TBD (tribe) ended before it started. Will be replaced with a real war soon. ;)

14). Who would you most like to meet?: Makelovi the Don (Guy is a saint, and prophet. Always enjoy the conversations.)

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: Frainzil (So I can win at farming)

16). Most overrated player: Too many to list. You can't PP to the top and not have farming to match the points. RIP like half this world.

17). Most improved player: Vigilante1 and Warzone (Both did well under pressure of tough deadlines, with more to come)

18). Most annoying player(s): So far? Probably RVD, just due to the drama that was created from it, but, it's minimal to what is to come in the future.

19). Luckiest player: Jake (for not getting rimmed by George, the nobleman. ;))

20). Best alliance: TBD

21). Best farmer: Me! :D (Not Frainzil)

22). Best mail: Mixture between Makelivi the Don and Refined Gentleman

23). Most dramatic: Catton (Just bcuz)

24). Most paranoid: Toss up between Dkkim and Millemonkey (healthy doses, but still most paranoid of the bunch thus far)

25). Most underhanded: Probably me. (I'm working on it)

26). Most loyal: TBD

27). Greatest spy: :p We obviously don't have any o_O Do players that are unhappy with their current tribe willingly giving information without even asking or hinting count? Cause that's happening a lot.

28). Biggest Stat padder: TBD

29). Best leader: TBD

30). Worst leader: Whoever was leading the 99, and 9.9 family tribe in k44.

31). Best team player: Aagf (dude seriously is the least selfish player I have ever met.)

32). Worst team player: TBD

33). Laziest player: Probably me again. Only capable of doing what I currently am thanks to my awesome coplayers, Sam and ABC.


How much i would like to be in a world without the ability to use PP. Never gonna happen :/

21: Best Farmer: Me :) Just look at how many villages i plunder...


16.) RefinedGentlemen... I have higher res plundered than him haha (in a day)
17.) most improved: me, finally started learning how to play this game somewhat more properly this world ;)
(also first post to the forums) Hopefully we see more interesting stuff going on here.
Cheers Varomnia for putting effort in
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Sarcasm detected. With PP no one sucks. It brings such an advantage that will make a noob player look like a pro.


Some people have very deep pockets. I thank them for paying for the TW servers so we can at least continue to enjoy this game. Love them or hate them, without big pocket spenders, game would have closed a year ago.


*strange comments incoming*
There are a few skilled coplay accounts fighting each other, and some other stuff. If we (mostly you -- I've been not here) taught and de-escalated the PP arms race, players might stick around. Who knows what will happen in w100...


Game would have closed *many* years ago, competition is fierce in this type of games. I just want 1 world without the ability to use PP (just PA and LA).


01). Best all-round player: Tough to single one person out, but from what I've seen; Navro

02). Best attacker: Navro or Moxt, maybe this list needs an update in about a week when shit goes down :D

03). Best defender: So far, the player banbha due to him having #1 supporter. I've seen plenty of people having a duckton of def but not supporting others that need it. This guy gets it

04). Best strategic player: King Tyman; if you wanna pp whore your way to the top, doing it through the rim is perfect. 3 days = 3k points. Wow :)

05). Best player that got rimmed:

06). Biggest Barb taker: Akon :D

07). Best tribe: Who?

08). Runner-up Tribe: Vodka

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Frodo

10). The player you never want to piss off: Frodo

11). Best team (group of players): l2pn4b, l2pn4b, l2pn4b, l2pn4b and.... l2pn4b

12). Funniest player: Snoevl / d0tch

13). Best war:

14). Who would you most like to meet?: In person? Prayerko. I wanna see if he's a 12yo boy with his mothers wallet, or if he's a rich douchebag :D

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: Frodo's

16). Most overrated player: nicopg123

17). Most improved player: d0tch

18). Most annoying player(s): RDV-whateverhisnameis

19). Luckiest player: Territory wise? I cant say now :D

20). Best alliance: Oh... this is a tricky one... The Cartel and Swooping Nukes?

21). Best farmer: Varomnia, well done being #1 :)

22). Best mail:

on 11.03. at 07:00


Withdraw your attack or this shall be seen as an act of war.



23). Most dramatic: l2pn4b

24). Most paranoid: also l2pn4b

25). Most underhanded: Erhm.... ironfox comes to mind. Keeps changing his tribe name to make it interesting to others. He's a filthy knob :D

26). Most loyal: Trust.. the name speaks for itself :)

27). Greatest spy: l2pn4b

28). Biggest Stat padder: l2pn4b

29). Best leader: iAm

30). Worst leader: InfectedSoul... naaa :D might be that RDV-guy again

31). Best team player: ladygytte

32). Worst team player: Frodo

33). Laziest player: d0tch


I think more players will fill in the "blanks" once the world is a few months old and players start to stand out for who they are.


01). Best all-round player: Trust...

02). Best attacker: Trust...

03). Best defender: MetalGod (Trust...)

04). Best strategic player: Supreme Dictator 4 Life (Trust...)

05). Best player that got rimmed: none were good

06). Biggest Barb taker: Whoever nobles the most

07). Best tribe: Trust...

08). Runner-up Tribe: DIVIDE

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Pritch

10). The player you never want to piss off: Trust...

11). Best team (group of players): Trust...

12). Funniest player: Dnat2011, Dandy1307 and MIlamber420

13). Best war: I have yet to see a decent one

14). Who would you most like to meet?: Trust...

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: I don't really think that many players use their computer anymore.....

16). Most overrated player: Trust...

17). Most improved player: Lord Death 65 and Purplebleaf (Trust...)

18). Most annoying player(s): Pritch

19). Luckiest player: Trust...

20). Best alliance: Trust...

21). Best farmer: Trust...

22). Best mail:

23). Most dramatic: Rodrigo V.

24). Most paranoid: Supreme Dictator 4 Life

25). Most underhanded: Trust...

26). Most loyal: Trust...

27). Greatest spy: Trust...

28). Biggest Stat padder: Trust...

29). Best leader: Trust...

30). Worst leader: Rodrigo V.

31). Best team player: All of us (Trust...)

32). Worst team player: That person who sniped our train with the support that was supposed to land after the train and then logged off without canceling..

33). Laziest player: Supreme Dictator 4 LIfe
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