Best recap ever



For me this is funny because, the outlook was bleak, support was still 30hours out, I had one noble at home and really needed to go to work.
I turned to my last resort if I wanted to keep the village.
I stood up and walked to the adjacent room, "hey muuuum, i need a favour"
Thats right, i managed to do a 30 second tutorial for my computer illiterate mother to send my noble back out as soon as it got back to retake a certain village.
I return and to my absolute bewilderment, the village was mine again.

Suck it Noob, even my mum can beat you on TW :icon_cool:

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Damn. Thats kewl. I got mah friend to get me a cap once. i forgot to tell him to send an escort but he sent one anyway. he even split the train into almost 4 equal parts.