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Right, time to freshen up these forums. Stole this list from another forum obviously. But please, be honest and state your opinions.

1. Best All Around Player:

2. Best Attacker:

3. Best Defender:

4. Best strategic player:

5. Best Player that got rimmed:

6. Biggest Barb Taker:

7. Best Tribe:

8. Runner up Tribe:

9. The most enjoyable player to piss off:

10. The player you never want to piss off:

11. Best team (group of players):

12. Funniest Player:

13. Biggest ass hole (or Diva):

14. Best War:

15. Who would you most like to meet?:

16. Who's computer would you most like to break?:

17. Most over rated player:

18. Most Improved (went from noob to killer):

19. Most Annoying Player:

20. Luckiest Player:

21. Best Alliance:

22. Greatest Farmer:

23. Best mail:

24. Most Dramatic:

25. Most Paranoid:

26. Most Underhanded:

27. Most Loyal:

28. Greatest Spy:

29. Biggest Stat Padder:

30. Best Leader:

31. Worst Leader:

Lost One

I dont think theres enough players to even fill this out anymore.