Beta server starting on Monday

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    Dear players,

    On Monday the 1st of July our beta world will be starting, with pre-registration available now.

    The purpose of this server is to find errors or bugs in the new versions of the game prior to our worlds being updated with the new version. This is achieved by inviting as many players as possible to actively play it like you would a normal world. In addition to this, you are also encouraged to try and break the game in order to find problems and potential issues. You can also provide feedback on new features in our beta forums.

    For every bug in the game you find as first reporter, you get a 30 premium point prize on the market of your choice.
    This is enough to get a 3 day premium account or the farm assistant for a month.

    The settings for this round can be found here.

    As a final note, every first week of the month your account on Tribalwars Beta receives a free premium account.

    We hope to welcome you soon,

    The Beta-Team