Biggest mistakes for each tribe

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For relevant tribes that didn't win


feel free to add outsiders perspective or your own. try to keep it to a small amount as I'm sure most of these tribes had plenty of major mistakes.

Bio? Idk tbh. I guess losing the nocturne account although abel wasn't on it at the time? Otherwise idk.

-T- probably refusing to take on Old Sadao, pretty much ended up with like 2/3 players who didn't quit from tow and obviously OS will end the world rank 1 and would've made the 43 front stronger and not entirely Horizon and then not entirely Ropey. And then obviously the skill behind the account. Never internalling, until it was too late and going into and endgame war with way to many accounts that had no business being there. Not backstabbing dragon/working with Bio.

Susa probably never had a serious chance to win the world without teaming up with another tribe which i guess is there biggest "mistake" too intent on being their own group.

ToW again probably never had a serious chacne to win the world, although maybe had the horizon account and the croation earthquake had not happened maybe they would've exposed -t-.


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SuSa mistake was never really expanding quickly or quicker. Just stayed in their location of K45. Then (forgot tribe name) between Susa/Bio, getting eaten by Bio. That sealed the deal for them. They weren't aggressive, no major game plays by leadership/members.

-TD/TU was only using Susa as buffer aswell from Bio. Relying on Susa to slow them down before fight was brought to TD/TU borders.

Susa = #Meatsheilds lol

Bio should have hit/push on the border of Dragon. But they didn't and in my opinion they lost that upper hand.
TD could have hit Dragon aswell, maybe not together with Bio. They took to long with ToW.. That gave Dragon the time to positioned.
Dragon could have hit TD while, TD fighting ToW, but as allied they did not got involved. If they did, TD/TU probably wouldn't be where their at now. That was mistake of Dragon.

But conclusion on w117, seems Twuck will take the win here.
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Bio - Allowing Cowboys to try to fight Kunis and starting the southern landslide. And then choosing to not focus on defending the south hard, allowed for an easy walk through.

T - Not fighting Dragon even when people was baiting them into it and basically saying screw T everyday while the "alliance" still stood. Also not jumping on Bio before or even after the mass quit/free caps. Would of been easy to grab a lot of far east/south east clusters.

Susa and ToW I didn't keep up with much. Susa seemed to do well for their size disadvantage from what I read on the externals/world chat. ToW war was before/as I joined the world, but
From what I read seems like they held up very good until activity became an issue.

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ah forgot to mention how our biggest whale was completely useless in doing anything for the tribe could've made major differences all the way back in tow days. dear god those 600k rim tribes are very scary to a 4 mil player.... yea he was great at attacking but jesus christ imagine if we had a whale that wasn't selfish as fuck and cared about the tribe like ultra did at least helping bio.