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Alright viruses and germs, It's time for the moment you have all been waiting for. The announcement of a brand new tribe, and that tribe is....

Bleaching The Rim (Bleach)

We here at Bleach are entering this world with only one goal in mind, and that goal is to disinfect world 88 in order to keep it safe for all who wish to play and enjoy themselves here. In order to ensure our mission is successful it only makes sense for us to start the world a week after it opens, this way we can observe and detect which tribes need to be cleaned and disinfected, for the good of the world that is. Once we at Bleach can ascertain who needs to be bleached from the world, we will take the necessary steps to. . . eradicate the problem, thus assuring the safety of not only our bleach agents, but of all players. If while reading this, you begin to worry that you may become a target of the bleach force, than the bleaching process has already begun, and we at Bleach apologize for any inconveniences this process may impose on you, starting with but not limited to, killing your nukes, nobling your villages, and making sure the tables of your mead halls are clean and safe for food consumption.

If you think you can handle the tough job of being a bleach agent, feel free to mail me on skype to enter our rigid interview process, but apply quickly, as we have a very limited number of positions available.

Skype: Vincentgorgone

IGN: Vincent12144