Discussion in 'W36 General discussion:' started by Mozely, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. Mozely

    Mozely Guest

    Anyone here pleased to see me?

    More to the point, is there anyone around I'd be pleased to see?

    Also, did I miss anything worth knowing?

    I'm not back playing (yet) but I might hang around here on and off for a while ;)
  2. astew229

    astew229 Guest

    Who are you?
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  3. Mozely

    Mozely Guest

    Wow, I don't think I've even been gone a month and already I've been forgotten :(

    I am Mozely...

    Was in Huggle, then ACTIVE, then [V], then deleted...
  4. Lord Haseo

    Lord Haseo Guest

    I remember you. :>
  5. Mozely

    Mozely Guest

    Yay, where's Stewy? He's usually around here somewhere...
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  6. Mr Lanky

    Mr Lanky Guest

    Stewybabes is busy >.>
  7. Mozely

    Mozely Guest

    :( World 36 has died then. Power has gone, stewy is busy, and celes not even around to bitch at.
  8. Mr Lanky

    Mr Lanky Guest

    stewy is only busy right now, he'll be here later
  9. Mozely

    Mozely Guest

    But I won't be.

    Stewy, when you eventually get here, JAMMY DODGERS OWN YOU!
  10. Welcome back(ish). :)

    Moving this to general discussion since you're not actually back-back :3

    aaaaaaaaaaand watch your language kiddies *glares* you know who you are.