Boost Stacking


Hey guys, quick question here, do permanent boosts stack, like the 10% permanent farm bonus, if i apply 2 of these on my village, will it become 20%?
same with recruitment speeds and resources prod boosters.

Thanks in advance all

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You can only apply one permanent boost of each type per village. Ie, you cannot apply 2 growing crops to the same village. However, you can apply a Growing Crops to a Farm Bonus Village for a max of 20% extra population.

Something to note, that when applying a resource bonus to a bonus resource village, is that both of the bonuses are applied to the base production, it does not compound (ie, Speed 1 is base 2400 at level 30, putting an improved mine carts on a bonus iron village gives you 110% bonus on the base production, not 10% compounded on the 100% bonus)