Hello w39!

My name is Labatt and I am currently interested in an account, if any are available. My forum join date is new because I don't really use this place but I am a seasoned player.


Anyway w14 is almost finished so I want a new challenge. I don't like start up so I am posting here and w43 as the settings suit. So first come, first serve.

I won't list what I can do as I'd say it'll all be covered in any chat.

Please add me on Skype - or mail me here. Or both.

Please - no child run tribe to contact me.



I've been told w43 is inactive like w14 - Anything going here?


You were too serious in your first post, you scared everyone away. :3

If you're really interested in taking over an empty account, you might try PM'ing the leaders (King Dragon or Hybrid Soul).


I'm not serious at all, I just want a good tribe. :icon_redface:

I mailed AreYouKidden asking for leaders names but he hasn't been on since. Anyway - I'll do that thanks Mr. Blogger.

Do they both use their forum accounts?

Edit: Scratch that I see they do....


I swear there was a legitimate reason I ignored you for 36 hours!

But like I said in the mail, I don't even know who the leaders are of the two major influences on this world, I try to stay out of the actual politics as much as I can, so I don't end up siding one way or the other.