Botw now recruiting!


Hey everyone that wants to join the new tribe I made based on the BOTW in w38 mail me or reply here.
If you want to join BOTW is in the south west region of W41 in k61/51 and everywhere around those K's.
If you are in the south west area in W41 pm me(123Craig) or aclarkies95.

pium messor

Its not a shock.
They did it on w38 to.
Made good target practice when my tribe needed a fresh enemy up to keep every1 in practice.

april enchantress

And despite being constantly under attack by several of the top tribes from the very start BOTW still made it into the top 5

I also noticed that you didn't last long and the only tribe that you were in that fought BOTW was LOKI and we turned the tables on them & outlasted them and the best rank they achieved is 6th.
Perhaps you should check the facts instead of running your mouth off :icon_rolleyes: