Alright guys, So this is my first post. I've been reading many post/forums over the years. I've been playing this game for quite a long time now. Probably close to 10 years. Yes I know, where have I been right! Well, I'm here now lol.

Alright so lets cut to the chase. Not to long ago, actually up to a few minutes ago I was apart of this tribe and mislead by them at the same time as everyone else is in that tribe. Mislead meaning, They state that troops over points is their custom. Meanwhile their leaders hunt for points over troops. I'll let you all see the evidence below. Below is a conversation between me and their recruiter. ( while I was still involved/within their tribe ). Please bare with me and read bottom up.

Yes, let the drama begin in world 90 :). I'm taking any invites to tribes that actually care about their tribe mates vs points. I do come with another player.

Troops first guys, troops first :). Here ya go!

[player]KillaKingMooky[/player] today at 07:46
How do you figure. Are you seriously that much of a dick? You've got two guys on this tribe already that missed 1 day each that aren't friends to anyone. If you didn't have this so far up your @$$ you would have seen this and helped a fellow tribe mate out and remove one of them to add a active/team playing player. Instead, I'll me making it known to everyone around in the area AND on the forums that this tribe prefers points over troops/friends any day of the week. EVEN if those players are not active. Goodjob.

[player]The3ndishere[/player] today at 07:38
45 member limit, End story!
KillaKingMooky today at 07:33
I'm pretty sure you know what my problem is. You're making a " Line " that's not 200 points and above 300 and he's not getting in because of it. I'm pretty sure that'd upset anyone considering its the beginning. Points don't mean anything. Its the troops that get the work done isn't it?

Don't try to say " No your thinking that " because it came out of your fingers when you typed " He would need to grow a bit before he can join us ( Which means you prefer points over troops ). I have a line at that want in already :/ ( Which states AGAIN he needs to have certain points/not troops ) him not beening in the tribe wont stop him from joining later or stop you guys from still working together :D ( Which is a dick move to say after you went back on the tribes rules ) ( by tribes rules, I mean troops first before points yes? ) Isn't this a rule? "

I can quote a few more sentences for you from the forums if you'd like me to.

[player]The3ndishere[/player] today at 07:26
What is your problem buddy???

[player]The3ndishere[/player] today at 07:25
No your thinking that, As you can see there is no spots in the tribe and the best I can say is that he joins another tribe until there is a spot open

[player]KillaKingMooky[/player] today at 07:24
Are you telling me you'd seriously screw a tribe mate like that and not let his playing friend join -_-. That's also a pretty dick move by the leaders.

[player]KillaKingMooky[/player] today at 07:23
No, but that makes him open to being attacked by virtually anyone because he's not in a tribe.

So, are you saying this tribe is about points and not troops? Because that's what you're coming across as saying.

[player]The3ndishere[/player] today at 07:19
He would need to grow a bit before he can join us. I have a line at that want in already :/ him not beening in the tribe wont stop him from joining later or stop you guys from still working together :D

[player]The3ndishere[/player] today at 07:17
At the moment we will stick to the ranks and the first stage of the game we need to work together and players that start showing that sign will be given ranks and players have something to show that they have given or shared blood for there tribe members. Laters game we can think about this but atm we will stick with this :D

[player]KillaKingMooky[/player] today at 07:15
Sorry, I've ment to message you about my friend dkid22 joining the tribe to please. He and I work together. I talked to Forsaken TypeS about it but he said you're the one to talk to about recruiting.


[player]KillaKingMooky[/player] today at 07:12
Hey man.

Not sure if they're visible as they use to be. But we use to use nick names like the ranks you've given to take off the head of the tribe with one swoop. If they're not shown publically anymore please disregard this.

If they're seen publically and need to be taken down might I suggest letting everyone pick their own nicknames for sense of bringing us closer.

[player]The3ndishere[/player] today at 07:08
The tribe has been built, and great work on we sat on third spot for a while there but its time we all start working on troops over points and make other tribes fear us. We are not here to see the early start but see the ending stage of the game. If we learn to work together that goal can happen.

Keep active and keep farming guys. Ranks have been given to each player, Players that want a better rank will need to work hard for that spot

Will keep you guys updated and Another message will be sent out in the next day or so :D


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This looks pretty intense. If you play a game and its not fun anymore then find ways to make it fun. in this case I suggest changing tribes. Not everyone treats TW as an extreme competitive sport..


Oh, I left. I'm not about going for points over troops nor do I want to sacrifice my time for a tribe that does. I'm searching a little better this time on who I want to be apart of. Not fun wasting your time for months on end to find out your tribe is lying. Glad I found out early this time lol.

This game is very much still enjoyable to me even though I do take some lengthy breaks here and there.


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Rant on the externals the instant a tribe's leadership doesn't do exactly what you want. God I've missed this game :D
Agreed, Personally don't get what was wrong with what he was saying, it wasn't the Duke/recruiter being a dick(his words) it was him.

If a friend can't survive on his own for a few days then hes not even worth having in a tribe, just shows how childish he is.

But that seems to be the norm when someone has low points its because they are working on troops, even though its probably because hes shit.

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But that seems to be the norm when someone has low points its because they are working on troops, even though its probably because hes shit.
Not necessarily.

However I agree with rest of your statement. If he did not quit, he should have been kicked. :D :D


This started out so well. I expected drama and what we actually got was more like a wet fart. *Yawn*
Yeah, I was expecting a little more myself.

I may have been a bit of a douche, But I still maintain things could have been dealt differently if he were a little more aware of his own tribe and who is active/who is not active instead of going for points.

Anyways, this was meant to let everyone know that BOW is a tribe that hunts for points. Not troops. Take the message how you want. That's all that I wanted to come across from it. Some will take advantage, some won't! I will be among the ones that take advantage. That I do promise :).


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This was just weak. I see no problems with what the tribe informant said, just some kid bickering about how his friend started this world on day 1 and still below 200-300 points


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So many things are wrong with that mail you shared, Killa, and all of them were faults on your end too. Just because a point threshold is put in place doesn't mean a tribe is point whoring, in fact it's one of the best things a tribe can do. I came into this world late, but this sounds like the fist or second day of BP, to which case your friend building troops (if he even was building troops) was just hurting his growth in the long run, since I can probably guess the troops he was building were swords and spears, right? For the first day or two of BP, one can afford to ignore troops (unless they're experienced players).


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KillaKingMooky, your daily plunder stats says a lot about you ;)

I started about 13-14 hours ago, I'm not too good with farming, but even I have better farming stats than THAT. I assume your friend is dkid22? Yep, couple with your bad stats and the story you provided here, it's no wonder BOW didn't let him in. His stats aren't even fit for tribes on the rim.

Edit: I didn't see that you mentioned your friend in that mail. Now I look like an idiot.


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He started it, if he really has played for 10 years he should've realised how god awful he is compared to most others with the same play time as him.