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I hope a mod will allow this thread to go through to at least get some feedback on it or if it's remotely possible.

Idea: To have a world to "crown" the greatest TWs world.

Why: There is constant debate as to whether worlds are becoming watered down or if there are better and better players being produced as the worlds continue to sprout. It will be interesting to see if one of the newer worlds does really well or if the vets are able to prove some of the speculation that W1/W2 was/is the most difficult playing ground. Maybe even a mid-range world i.e. worlds 10-30 could surprise everyone and prove talent can significantly rise or fall from world to world and there is no straight increase or decrease from world to world.

What: Each world has a tribe in the world. When you join you are asked to join the world where you have had the most success. There would also be a tribe for new players. Let's pretend this is implemented in world 40; there would be 39 tribes named (W1, W2, etc.) and the 40th would be called New, W40, Noobs or whatever. Immediate tribe lock. Choose a forum spokesperson, tribe name and a tribe leader (one person can be both.) Everyone can talk on the forums but the spokesperson has the final say on posting who the leader is and what the tribe name is along with things like war declarations. To reduce confusion, the tribe tag will always stay W##

How can this possibly work: The world would need to be announced at least 3 months early in order to allow people to contact veterans that they'd like to join some of the older worlds that do not have as many players as the newer worlds.

Village Placement: For my possible idea on this one, world 40 would be the most logical choice. 10 tribes go into the NE, 10 tribes go NW, 10 tribes go SE, and 10 tribes go SW. The tribes can be randomized or go by fours. If they go by fours for example, Worlds 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, and 37 would be placed in the northeast. If done random, something like 3, 8, 12, 18, 19, 26, 34, 36, 37, and 39 would comprise one of the four directions. I like the counting by 4s idea because it brings a world into play from very different time periods that stretch across a few years. The only downside would be that it may limit rivalries like W1/W2 and W10/W12 for a significant amount of time until some of the tribes were practically decimated.

The other solution would be to randomly place everyone but that would really hinder the idea of working together as a world to beat everyone else which is the fundamental concept and main purpose. The world that "wins" or stays on top will have to show a ton of teamwork and intelligence.

New Element: Obviously there will be a good amount of spies so this will really test a tribe's ability to communicate around people that are trying to hurt them from within. Surprise operations will also be difficult to execute but will be monumental if a tribe can somehow pull it off.

Settings: Either W1 settings or voted upon. I don't feel like elaborating on this other than saying I'd prefer W1 over a vote. Play a world this important based on the basic principles of the original TWs. With so much new crap a vote could really throw off returning vets or at least lessen the fun of the world.

Problem: The one big problem I see is newer worlds will probably get a bigger turnout than some of the older ones. I'm not sure how to work around this other than recruit like crazy if you really take pride in the skill and competitiveness of the world you call or called home.

I appreciate any feedback and criticism people have.


Too many good players have quit for this to make an accurate depiction of each world's true power.
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