Bye World 35!

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Yea but remember w50 :p anyways if I'm not good and !?! Fam was so pro how did i survive on the frontline the whole war even after an op and threat mail from failtost himself? You can't explain that.

Well, obviously it was due to the magical properties of Unicorn babies.


LMAO. 500+ incomings? WOW!

Kingjohanjob you can troll the externals all you want and make all the ridiculous arguments you wish to the facts that I stated. I personally dont have time to quote all your replies and give retorts. King A, Sean, and Swamp can punk you out for me :) The fact of the matter is that your a complete fool if you really believe the things you say in regard to Aeotosser. Getting a tribe to the number one spot in points is easy, keeping said tribe together to the end is what warrants praise. Its all about the membership anyway. The best members and council can make any Duke look good. Fork and I have been very fortunate in that regard as we have the best members and council that anyone could wish for. IMO Aeotosser failed because he put himself before his members.
Nice post, you should post more often :icon_wink:

Swampert and King Sean are both great players, no doubt about that