Casual 11 Updating Maps

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Lets spice it up with some memes
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They did it also on Casual12 so it looks like Norse is just going to follow the same pattern on every casual world. Until they all either get bored or Until TW manage to make casual worlds great again. The whole above video can actually apply to casual worlds as a whole. There are now professional players on a casual world from transfer opening day one. When nobled out, then a player from a real word is asked to accept the challenge to join a casual world where he can learn to play in a casual more relaxed manner. It's hilarious if he joins and actually believes he is ever going to be in a winning tribe on a casual world. Thank heavens there are some addicted players that are on the casual worlds without any realistic expectation of winning. At least the players are trying to have some fun as they were promised when they joined a casual world. Why not go out having fun. Winning in most cases was most likely never on the table. But just hanging around isn't the kind of fun everyone likes.