Catapults as defensive unit, worth it?


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I am wondering wheter the catapult is of any good use in defense?
I do play around with the simulator alot, but I am still not sure.
The catapult has quite good defensive stats, which is really why I am asking.

I'm sure some would say that it's not worth it cus it costs alot, and those resources can easily be better spent on training traditional defensive troops.
However, the best defenses in TW consist of a variation of troops as it's then possible to counter a higher variation of attacking troops.
Taking this into consideration; is there a place for the catapult in the (optimal) defensive force or not?

Thx for any answers in advance.
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1 catapult has defensive strength equal to 2 swordsman but need 8 farm space compare to 1 for swordsman; so if you want to use catapult purely as defensive unit it doesn't worth it.
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As an absolute extreme last measure for sniping, yes.

However post bonfire there is not other value than to cat opponent villages down and any defensive value they provide is worse because of their population and travel time. You can check the simulator and see how bad they are. The more cats you replace defensive units with you don't even kill 1 nuke.

I build 100 then 250 then 400 in early/mid/late in defensive villages, but again those are solely for the purpose of fangs and not used for defense.

in non archer world:

Spearman 15 gen def 1 pop Cat 100 gen def 8 pop. 8 pop of spear is better not to mention cav defense for the same 8 pop (360 to 8)

Sword 57.5 gen def 1 pop cat 100/8 8 sw 460 gen defense and 230 cav defense

Hcav is the higher pop unit you can build for defensive purposes as it's 6 pop but 230 gen and 92 cav. (6 spear 90|270 and 6 sword 345|172.5) it also moves much faster so really nice on the frontline.
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Additionally, as they build very slowly, despite the fact that they can be built in a separate building, adding catapults to your village build doesn't actually do all that much to speed up your build - and defensive troops should be lost in bits anyway, if you're using packets like you should be, making catapults even less useful for actual defense.

In my experience, catapults in defensive villages are most useful for sending fakes and fangs. You should still have them, but don't delude yourself into thinking they're there to defend anything.
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The catapult is the best defensive unit in the game because its the only one that can prevent you from taking damage as opposed to reducing the damage you take.

As a very basic example if you reduce someones smithy from 20-15 they cannot send a train at you so you have prevented the threat. To me this is more value than any defensive stat in the game. Your troop levels at any given time are a finite resource so anything you can do to preserve them is a huge bonus
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