Clarification Of This Section's Rules

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This section is meant for what the title represents, recruitment and applying to tribes. This does not mean spam or offtopic in any way, so there is no excuse for anyone to reply to a thread solely for the sake of replying to the thread.

The rules of this section are pretty obvious, they're pretty out there. It's easier here than it is in the general World 29 forum to know what to and what not to post. If a rule is broken within this section, it will be an instant infraction, and this is your warning.

The rules of the forum still apply, and you can read those either at the link at the top of the forum, or here. They both link to the same thing, a common page that should be well known. If you have not already read the rules, make sure you do now.

Some examples of what not to post in this section.

  • Questions about the world.
  • Comments on what other posters have posted that isn't directly to do with the opening post.
  • Posting something that could be better said in a PM or a mail in game, such as questions that don't refer to general joining the tribe.

But those are merely examples to help you build a bit of an idea.

The general rule of thumb in this section is, if you're not looking for a tribe, or looking for members, don't post. Unless you have something to ask that involves the joining of a tribe, and is useful for the general public, then avoid posting and you'll likely avoid a punishment for breaking the rules, such as Spam or Offtopic, which are the most common.

If you have any questions, you can send me a message, and I will get back to you when I can, but don't rely on a response.


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Let me remind you: If you're not here to be recruited then don't post here. Also, if you're not here to recruit someone: don't post here either. With that I mean, you do not post posts that aren't directed with questions about either the person or the tribe in the interest of being recruted or recruting someone. If you cannot follow the simple rules stated in this topic you will recieve the appropriate punishment.

Let this be a warning.
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