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    I hope that the newest attempt at a W39 Newspaper goes down well, and sparks some activity back in to this world, which has seemed to die every time I end up with a forum ban/leave for a while. If that isn't a big enough of a clue for you, Googly resides on this forum account. I will be shedding my old account from now and onwards, and be using this one. This is part of my transformation to become a rule-abiding citizen of the TribalWars forums, and to highlight the change of gameplay style - so Colpo/Anachrophobia, please stop telling my co-player that I am going to quit on him :lol:

    I guess, without further ado, I should introduce the new newspaper. So here it is!!!


    Clippings from the Claw. Yes, I had to make a stupid pun in the name. Shoot me :icon_eek:

    Let us begin with a nice big war to kick things off. And then an interview or five. Or whatever - something interesting to read, from a slightly odd perspective.

    As a quick note: other than the interviews, this was prepared a few days ago. The interviews were done just before the post went up, and we even have a SPECIAL MYSTERY GUEST returning for an interview :icon_eek:


    At first glance, you may be convinced that Rx4U is easily winning this war. And you would probably be right in thinking that to an extent. However, you do really need to go in to detail on this one.

    This week, Rx4U have taken 96 villages against the opposition. Likewise, *TA family has taken 18 against the opposition. One-sided I hear you think (yes, I am that amazing that I actually hear your thoughts – sorry Are, no spy really, just your thoughts projecting to my ears!). Well, I say that you are wrong. Rx4U have a much tougher job than anybody has yet pointed out. And *TA family doesn’t need to worry. Why? Because Rx4U’s reputation would be in shatters, should they not win the war in a relatively respectable time period. And, being the underdogs, *TA family don’t really need to do much more than amuse us all with irrelevant graphs to keep us all rooting for them, whether openly or secretly.

    Ok, psychological analysis done. Time for some statistics to prove my point. The graph below shows how quick *TA can end the war, in comparison to how quickly Rx4U can end this war:

    Ok, so we have some rather odd-looking stats there. I hear you think “9.5 years – how in the name of Merlin’s beard did he work that out?” Well folks, it is simple.
    So, Rx4U took 1,913,000 points in the past week. 843,000 points of these were from the enemy tribes.
    On the other hand, *TA family took 712,000 thi week, 164,000 of this against the enemy tribe.

    So, in the space of a week, 131,000 points were lost by *TA family. Combined they have 64.5 million points. To remove *TA family at this pace, it would take Rx4U 492 weeks (9.5 years) to take out the enemy. So, in 9.5 year’s time, I shall come back and waste your time with another statistical blog that ends up making ridiculous claims of W39 being open for 9.5 years to allow Rx4U to finish this war!

    I do believe I have covered the whole *TA vs Rx4U family thing there :icon_wink:

    Ok, so, let's move on shall we?

    In Other News

    TBE has been having a small conflict wih ~RAID~ recently. 23 to 25 caps at the time, though it had died down to a near-halt last I checked. In my opinion, a bit of a dull conflict, probably more close-range potshots than actual warfare. I hope to see them try something different in the future, but who konws.

    Devils and NOB!! have been continuing their conflict. I would shudder to think about the frontline stacks they must be constantly hitting. Peewee and Ahmen have been the only two NOB!! casualties recently, and cer-berus had a lot of nukes fired his way at one point too. Hopefully we will see some quality NOB!! action, and one hell of a thrust in to inner Devils territory. Maybe even use the talent that is at NOB!! to try to rim Jagerblue and Lodda :icon_wink:

    Speaking of NOB!!, we have a VERY special guest star who wonderfully agreed to an interview with me very recently. Read the spoiler below, for the full interview.

    Doctor Claw: And the surprise interview is with none other than the founder of NOB!!, minderbinder!
    So minder, what are your feelings on NOB!! as a tribe first of all? Do you think they have the potential to win the server?

    69-MinderBinder: Hi mate :)
    My feelings you say :icon_razz:
    what can I tell you mate - NOB!! is my baby, I cannot say I created it myself but I feel like it's my baby .
    I love those people in there and I give a hand to Areyaen for sticking his neck out for the team :)
    And ofc I do think they can win the server, the mates have it in them
    they have skill, they have the will to do it and they only need a good push to start working like an oiled machine
    The potential is there already - only need to get a few good ops on the Devils, and it will be carnage again :icon_razz:

    Doctor Claw: that sounds promising - I cant wait to see how that works out for them!
    the only tribes that are around from when you played are ~RAID~ and Rx4U. T.D.E appears to have changed completely, so I class them as a different tribe
    have you any thoughts on these two tribes? surprised they lasted this long?

    69-MinderBinder: I'll comment on the each specifically because it s the easiest way :)
    As you all know I made an alliance with The Joker at the beginning of the world and basically know all of Raid's history
    They are fighters, the ones of the originals (I think that is about 5 left in them) and they have my respect for standing up to some big tribes that wanted to kill them
    I think they will last until the day that one of the big tribes decide to gangbang them
    Mates sorry I do respect ya, but its only maths.
    Rx4U - I know them pretty well , me and boske have been friends from the beginning of the server when he was in ID and I know that they are one of the best tribes there by skill by coordination, and I only have good things to say about them :)
    I can go on all day I just wanted to give my congratz to Hyrbid for creating the tribe that made w39 fun for everyone
    T.D.E.- Devils I think they are like raid from the start - the eldest tribe there is

    Doctor Claw: they are a premade too

    69-MinderBinder: I have spoken to jager a couple of times regarding the family issue and he told me that they play differently then others

    Doctor Claw: from another server
    if that interests you :icon_wink:
    It seems not too common knowledge

    69-MinderBinder: I didnt know that they were a premade but thanks for the info :)

    Doctor Claw: but I think credit goes to them as the only surviving original premade in W39

    69-MinderBinder: Yeah that credit goes to them definately
    they must be doing something good if they lasted this long

    Doctor Claw: that is true indeed

    69-MinderBinder: dunn know them that much to get such coments as for the tribes before

    Doctor Claw: ok, you have given a huge amount of information on W39 tribes now, and so I am running out of W39 related questions. I guess the only one is, would you consider coming back to W39 if you have the time, in the future (however far it is)?

    69-MinderBinder: I have been considering it for a long time now - I even tried returning but I dunno, what bugs me about this w39.
    ofc the only place I would play is in NOB!!
    and I would help those guys to get their grip back
    but I just cannot get enough time with collegue exams girlfriend, this RL has been really busy for me for the past year
    But If I do get back I would only give hell to those that attack NOB!! so you never know where I could be hiding in there! :)
    I just dont know when would it be , I need to fell like it and need to have a lot of free time for it to help and play properly for the team, because NOB!! is a team of players not playing for themselves but for the tribemates in need
    that was always our strength and I believe that when the new (now old recruits from MASK good NOB!!s now) feel like that is their home and they won't need to find a new tribe, they will crush anyone on their way

    Doctor Claw: Well, on behalf of the W39 community, I wish you well in real life, and hope that you get some lovely free time to rejoin us here in this world, and hope to see you in battle there in the future. See if all the sniping help you gave me paid off :icon_wink:
    Thank you for your time minder, it is always a pleasure hearing from you :)

    69-MinderBinder: As for you too mate :) always a pleasure
    and for the sniping - remember that for every sniper there is a cure :icon_razz:

    Doctor Claw: I will do :icon_biggrin:

    69-MinderBinder: :lol:[/SPOIL]

    No word from the Glee camp this week. I am hoping to get the Duke in contact with me before the next newspaper comes out. If you are reading this, you can get my skype at the bottom of this thread.

    The Rumour of the Week

    Rumour has it that the current owner of Catherine the Great, is none other than the THIRD HEAD OF CER-BERUS, James, Aka The Bad Horse (or something like that). If this is true, I am almost more scared of taking on the Sir Jager-berus Experience as their W51 profile said at one point, than I was when they were all crammed on to that one miniscule account in the core :lol:

    The Joke of the Week

    I am sure you all guessed that it would only be a matter of time before I came back to W39. And you are right - I am back! So, as a final bit of humour, the "Joke of the Week" is actually the account I am on, and myself and the people who play it with me (the 4 co-players).

    So, without further ado, prepare yourself for a couple of minutes of morons trying to big themselves up :lol:

    Doctor Claw: You be GooglyEyes123?
    Doctor Claw: Yes indeedy
    Doctor Claw: Ok, first question for you: who are you?
    Doctor Claw: Ah, now that is a good question. I am an 18 yearold from London, United Kingdom.
    Doctor Claw: Ingame you nub.
    Doctor Claw: Oh ok. You know I can't tell you that!
    Doctor Claw: Give me the tribe at least?
    Doctor Claw: I am in what feels like a natural home for me. The leadership here is quite confusing at times, but it seems to work well!
    Doctor Claw: So you aren't going to tell me?
    Doctor Claw: What do you think?
    Doctor Claw: I'm interviewing, let me ask the questions damnit.
    Doctor Claw: If you are interviewing, then I am interviewing, and so we could keep asking questions, amirite?
    Doctor Claw: ... Do you always have to be this annoying?
    Doctor Claw: ... Do YOU always have to be THIS annoying?
    Doctor Claw: This could go on for a while. Let's hit the fast forward button...

    *****fast forwards*****

    Doctor Claw: So, what do you think about the Rx4U vs *TA war?
    Doctor Claw: It seems to be going...hey wait a minute, you switched our roles around :icon_eek:
    Doctor Claw: Stop pissing about and answer the damn question.
    Doctor Claw: Hehehe...Well, Rx4U is doing well. But, as stated earlier in the newspaper, it is clear to me as to who is going to win in the long run.
    Doctor Claw: An interesting, probably slightly different, viewpoint. What about Devils vs NOB!!?
    Doctor Claw: They must have hundreds of villages stacked on the frontline, if Cerb can't eat his way through them as fast as he used to eat. Why not ask him for an interview?
    Doctor Claw: I did, but he doesn't feel he is interesting enough!
    Doctor Claw: Oh, ok. Any more questions?
    Doctor Claw: What do you think of ~RAID~? You have past experiences with them after all.
    Doctor Claw: Ah yes, good old ~RAID~. I think a jokey comment about me always stirring trouble on W39 was made by their prankster of a leader the other day on the map thread. They have been around a long time, and always held their own and a little bit more against top tribes continuously. POP!, Omen, -V-, ???, you name it, they did it. I believe that they are actually potentially the winners of this server, unless boredom does defeat them.
    Doctor Claw: Ok, and last question, your opinion on Glee?
    Doctor Claw: good taste in music.
    Doctor Claw: Loser.
    Doctor Claw: Takes one to know one.
    Doctor Claw: If I am a loser, then that automatically makes you a loser too. So you are a loser whatever. Skills.
    Doctor Claw: ...shut up!

    Doctor Claw: I am talking to the original Homcgra, amirite?
    Homcgra: yes
    Doctor Claw: wicked. so, what's it like coplaying with googly so much?
    Homcgra: O, its quite fun :icon_razz:
    he is a very skilled Tw player
    Doctor Claw: :icon_redface:
    you have coplayed him on 39, 44, 46, 47 and 51, i believe. which of those has the best memory for you and why?
    we will ignore rank1 on arabic server :icon_wink:
    Homcgra: 39 was the funnest .. at the start, i had never had a co before, so it was alot of fun being able to relax :icon_wink: but when sike went down i was sad
    so i'd have to say W44 was the funnest cause we built a lv 27 HQ and were top 10, even though we were alone on the rim
    Doctor Claw: that was 46 i think, but yeah - fun times!
    so, between the two of you you have occupied 10 accounts on W39 now. the newest one is interesting to say the least. do you think that between the (insert coplayer number here) of you, you can pwn this world without quitting for a change? and more importantly, how sexy is googly?
    Homcgra: yes we can pwn without quiting, we have 12 players on the account its very easy to run :)
    googleh is very sexy :icon_razz:
    Doctor Claw: i am glad one of us is keeping count
    and googleh thinks homcgra is very sexy too
    Homcgra: (mm)
    cyber sex :lol:
    Doctor Claw: last question: which one of us is going to receive an ingame/forum ban next?
    As for the cyber sex, it had best be kept quiet :icon_wink:
    Homcgra: prob you
    Doctor Claw: we dont want to get the bans straight away
    Homcgra: cause im not supposed to be on there o___O
    Doctor Claw: o____O
    thank you for your time
    Homcgra: fun face right? :p
    Doctor Claw: sex room nawwww?
    Homcgra: (nod)
    *****Doctor Claw closes the door*****
    Homcgra: (wave)

    Doctor Claw: I am with another member of the unknown account, Colton, who used to be a NOB!! member.
    Hi Colton, nice to see you after such a long time :icon_wink:
    So tell me, why did you leave NOB!!?
    Colton: Leave? I believe it was more pushed out although I guess it just depends on your point of view.
    The main reason I left NOB though was due to the direction the tribe was being taken by ARE and the fact that I had some RL issues to deal with.
    ARE was going against every basic principle of NOB and although I am not an original NOB member I did not like where the tribe was going.
    The problem is if you know ARE he is a stubborn old bastard and he belives the only opinion that is right is his own.
    I guess you tend to get that with old age?
    Doctor Claw: I guess that with age comes wisdom
    or so the saying goes
    but I'm only 18 and I am always right
    maybe he just has a similar personality to me? :icon_wink:
    As you are aware, I interviewed your original leader, MinderBinder, this evening.
    Have you got anything you would like to say to him in regards to W39?
    Colton: That he was my favorite NOB leader? That I hope he comes back to restore the old NOB ways although it would be quite a task to fix ARE's mistakes.
    I will admit though he was not leading much by the time I went into NOB and I am sure ARE will respond to this saying Minder has not lead in a long time. My guess is thats why NOB has not been a great tribe for a long time.
    Doctor Claw: We would all love to see a great player like Minder come back. However, we do not know if he will have time to or not - we can only hope.
    So, what is it like playing with the others on you account? Do you think you have enough people to keep the account active, once Googly sorts out the farming?
    Colton: Enough? Jeeze it seems as though I log on to change techs once a day and thats my part to the account now lol
    We have more then enough good/great players on the account to complete our goals.
    Doctor Claw: And are any of your goals available to be shared? Googly doesn't trust his own mouth enough to answer this in his self-interview :icon_wink:
    Colton: Well I do believe all of the Co's on this account have their own reasons for coming back to world 39 (although some never left).
    Ridding this world of ARE I do believe is a goal we all share.
    The other goals or how we plan on achieving them will remain secret for the time being outside of the world domination one.
    Doctor Claw: That is interesting, interesting indeed. I really should pay more attention to our Notebook!
    Anything else you would wish to add?
    Colton: Googly 99% of the stuff in the notebook is from you!
    That ARE should watch his back and do what is best for NOB and its reputation which is to step down and relinquish his duke privs or disband NOB.
    Oh and I would like to give a special shout out to Jager for allowing me this opportunity.
    I know I will see you in like 3 mins when I am done balancing the resources everyone else is to lazy to do!
    Doctor Claw: Well, I am writing a newspaper. I have excuse :O
    It was good to talk to you again mate. See you next time one of us logs the other out by mistake ;)
    Colton: As long as you do the crappy book marking part I dont mind balancing resources my love :icon_wink:
    Doctor Claw: (kiss)

    Doctor Claw: The fourth member of the account is Sean, formerly SeanTheSheep.
    So Sean, how do you feel about Googly, knowing he has some welsh blood in him? :icon_wink:
    Sean: Well obviously I'm a little warry of what he might do too me so I try to never be alone with him you know, hide behind colton and hommy
    Doctor Claw: That is probably wise
    So, how is the account sharing going? 4 players on an account must be pretty confusing at times!
    Sean: Well It's like an orgy, we each take our turn with the really really hot girl (being the acc) and when its not our turn, we settle for the other guys. Shame we aren't in NOB!! really, just to make the innuendo properly work :icon_biggrin:
    Doctor Claw: Well, as I generally have an orgy on every account I play, this one seems to be little different for me. Others I guess aren't as used to having lots of players on accounts as myself and homcgra are.
    Anyway, Colton says that the whole account wishes to get rid of Areyaen of NOB!!. What do you think is more likely - that we take him out ourselves, or that he gives us all a good rimming?
    Sean: Given the location problem's that stop such an event from happening either way I reckon that another player(s) may be forced to help us in doing so, if not we'l just nuke the crap out of him anyway.
    Doctor Claw: Interesting. I forget where we even are on the maps. TBE is currently trying to work out where we are:
    ***QUOTE*** "LumoBird: not in raid thanks for the info :icon_razz: ***QUOTE***
    I guess that narrows it down :icon_rolleyes:
    So, last question: if you had to choose any type of exercise, what would it be and why?
    Sean: Stupid lumo. Eating grass and wondering aimlessly around mountains of course because I'm a Sheep rember.
    Doctor Claw: That is a good answer. See you in the bi-room for some more "fun" in a bit :icon_wink:
    Sean: ehe

    Well guys, that spells the end of this week's paper. Tune in either in 2 weeks - or 4 week's - time for the next installment. I am hoping to get an interview with a representative of NOB!! and Devils before the next paper is released, as I would like to focus most of all on that war for the next one. I hope you all enjoyed it, and would welcome any feedback!
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  2. jeremyleite

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    Nice paper Googleh.
    I'll see you in that room... right now. ;)

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    May 12, 2008
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    Finnaly some good reading, missed the forum activity.
  4. lumograph4

    lumograph4 Guest

    3 things to say,

    Firstly good paper

    Second, you got the caps wrong between TBE & ~RAID~ which ended 48 hours ago,

    the caps finished 46 caps to 34 in favour of TBE

    Thirdly your quote of me was sarcasm as you had been bragging all night about changing accounts so often.

    Other than these few minor things, excellent read
  5. Doctor Claw

    Doctor Claw Guest

    4 things to say back.

    Firstly, thanks.

    Secondly, I said that this had been written "3-4 days ago", but due to forum ban it could only go up today. Hence the stats being "incorrect", as you so naively put it. In future, as I said to you in our recent skype conversation, do your research before making assumptions - in this case the research only involved reading the entire thread.

    Thirdly, my quote of you was used in order to add a joke to the interview. I apologize for changing its meaning by taking it out of context, but it added a bit of humour to the interview :)

    Finally, and I wasn't bragging, I mentioned it. I was bragging about knowing more about W39 goings-on than you, and stuff like that. Nothing to do with bragging about changing accounts a few times could possibly have been interpreted as bragging :icon_wink:

    But yeah, thanks, I think? :icon_rolleyes:
  6. Noffish

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    Googly! Want another tri-p....quad-.....erm...... 'how ever many people you are up to'-player???

    I won't actually do any work, I'm to fond of inactivity for that. I'll be like that kid in PE that gets put on your football team but gets in the way more than he helps.
    So yeah, there's my sales pitch... Whatcha reckon? :icon_biggrin:
  7. Doctor Claw

    Doctor Claw Guest

    I already have you down for quad-playing an account with me on another world. Some of my bodyparts need to be allowed to be kissed by others :icon_wink:
  8. emerladx

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    nice one :d
  9. no fish

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    :icon_cry: Can't I kiss a larger surface area? :icon_cry:
  10. Doctor Claw

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    I guess if you really must, I will let you go for the right one too :icon_wink:
  11. TheSettler

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    Great paper. Sorry i have been so hard to get a hold of!! :( Skype is not working...crashes my computer when loaded. getting it fixed...and will be ready for our interview....i could have lots to say :O

    Keep the paper coming...W39 needs some excitement.
  12. jeremyleite

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    All of the surface area is mine. :icon_twisted:
  13. Doctor Claw

    Doctor Claw Guest

    By the way, when I said hard to get hold of, that loosely was a translation from my original script, which actually read:
    "I forgot about Glee until near the end, and was too lazy to send Settler an ingame/forum message to get his skype and find out what is going on over there".

    But yeah, you have been tough to get hold of, if you still wish to hold that line :lol:

    W39 newspaper is definitely staying this time around. I am even behaving myself on the forums, so a little ban won't get in the way this time around! But it will only be once every 2-4 weeks, as it takes a while to do, and things change so slowly in this world now that weekly newspapers are pointless :icon_wink:

    Now, where is that Rx4U forum response I was trying to provoke? :icon_confused:
  14. jeremyleite

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    Being completely sensible and realizing your 9.5 years is a load of horse poop, I assume. :lol:

    Hello colour&font bb codes every line... :icon_eek:
  15. Doctor Claw

    Doctor Claw Guest


    And mathematically it was correct. They stand no chance of winning this war - you heard it here first! :lol:
  16. syntexgrid

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    I imagine the exponential growth of Rx4U combined with TA*'s exponential decay will skew your 9.5 year projection a bit ;p It wouldn't be correct to assume a constant rate of decline in this situation.

    Other than that, I thought it was a lovely paper. Looking forward to the next edition ;)
  17. Doctor Claw

    Doctor Claw Guest

    I was trying to put a spin on it to give *TA family a bit of a morale boost :icon_redface:
    I think I got called out there. But you can spin statistics to suit pretty much any argument. That graph I used was actually the last month's nobling between the two tribes - I just edited it for amusement and see if people would work out what the original graph was from :lol:
  18. Fantastic article, Doctor Claw.

    The Brotherhood has been thoroughly enjoying ourselves during this war. This is what the game is all about and it's far more exciting to win a war when the odds are against you than for.

    We will endeavor to not let down those who are cheering us on, be it in secret or out in the open.

    And if the forum becomes lulzy enough again then we will strive to present more graphs that prove how horribly Rx4u has been losing this poorly thought out war.

    Not that we hold it against them. We wish them the best while tending to their gardens out on the rim.
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    - 3 points one for every time you show Doctor Claws face
    +4 For adding some life to W39 Forums.... I'll thou I put the over/under on issues of this paper at 3. :p
    +1 is the end result, All in all a well put together peace, all thou some might be inclined to call it a bit bias.
  20. Noffish

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    Imposter!! :icon_eek::icon_surprised:

    However, there is also scope to argue that attrition would counter said growth.
    Hypothetically speaking of course. :lol: