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Looking to co play a good size and rank W53 account. Im a very experienced player. Add me on skype for more info. Skype - Garwood-3


Warning, this player attempted to steal my account a couple months ago offering to coplay me...btw, thanks for paying for my premium that month :lol:

Sep 26,2010 04:37 Transfer 200 200 from: UnitMx93

Wouldn't you know it, as soon I write that, one of our members gets hacked (looking for a co-player) - maybe another...

Seems these hackers have their sights set on w37, be very careful who you bring into co-play.

This player went by the name of Garwood, he played in NERD in world 49 (I'm guessing he hacked the account there too).

And here is another post regarding garwood
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Oh and he hacked the account named Sachin100k on w51, He should really be IP banned from tw

Deep Winter.

And Deep Winter. of W52. Tried to Steal my new account. Hawkiz4life thinking it's a different player. :p