Co-Player Needed please...


Hey peoples...

I need a Co-Player for 23:00 ST till 07:00-08:00 ST

Please add me on skype for a chat... rheinhardt.janse.schnetler

I have Experience, I Can teach the important stuff.... But Ideally I don't want to...

I want to get along with you, make Co-playing easy...
Would Like a Aussie if possible (find Aussies get along well with South Africans Generally):icon_wink:

I may not have a Super impressive resume, But I am a decent player... and Here's to Hoping I don't need to stop playing abrubtly ever again...

I have People (references) who can back up the fact that I'm a decent palyer(yes I know I'm not Mr.Awesome) but atleast I try right... :icon_smile:

Questions Post here or add me on skype... I'm friendly enuff

Please don't waste my time with meaningless applications... Thanks



Sorry Internet went Haywire, please Delete this one... Thank you!