Co-Player needed


okay so i need a co-player being on two front lines i cant have my account going offline

I am in located in k54 right near Doors and .EDP I have 13 villages ranked 193. I am in the tribe P!NG as a baron so i need some one i can develop trust with. I am no noob i can snipe and send quick trains using opera. I need an experience player.
Here is my OD scores:

ODA rank
135 lambezz 291.823
ODD rank
274 lambezz 133.480
ODT rank
123 lambezz 425.303

I dont have skype anymore since my computer goes slow when using it, but you can always message me on MSN ( ) Or send me a private message on the forums

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yeah sweet...
i just have alot of extra time now... so was just checking....