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Eternal NightmareNL

Hello Guys,

My name is Charlie and I'm from The Netherlands. I am 15 years old and
I've got quite some experience with the dutch servers.

I'm searching for a account!:D

This is where I am looking for:
- A top 20 account
- Enough troops
- Very mutch activity
- Windows Live Messenger
This is what you'll get:
- A very experienced player
- I contain all the basic-skills
- I farm very mutch
- I am very nice!:D

Add my messenger if you are interested!:)



Doug Aurel

I don't know if msn is used as the mean of communication on Dutch servers but you won't find many players with msn. You'll want skype for this :)

Oh, and *much :)

Bobba W

Do you mean why have you been quoted back or why your grammatical errors have been quoted back to you?

If it's the first instance, it's probably the MSN message part people were +1ing.