Co-player or anybody giving an account away?

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Hiya guys,

Just wondering if anybody is needing a co-player?

Time-zone: +1 GMT
Active: Holidays: 12-20hrs online
School: 2-3hrs plus regular check-ups

Or giving an account away?
I play on w25 where I am currently 2.4mill pts
I also play on w21 as bluemidgets at 2.2mill pts

I used to play on w7 with 500k and w10 with 5.8mill. I quit these accounts as previously had problems in RL. (We all know how hard RL can be)

I have sykpe: madma11
Or msn/email:

Thanks for your time with this ;)
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Not allowed to give away acc to sbody else? Hmm


§6) Account trading

It is not allowed to play accounts for commercial purposes. It is not allowed to sell, buy or offer accounts or parts of accounts in exchange for Premium points or any other outside benefit. Trades involving more than one game world are also forbidden.


  • Offering to sell or buy accounts or parts of accounts (including troops, resources or villages) is forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to offer resources for money or premium points.
  • It is forbidden to offer or accept premium points for any in game service such as spying on another tribe.
  • It is allowed to offer your army in exchange for resources on the same world.
  • It is forbidden to offer money or premium points as a reward for attacks, supports or resource transports to any player, or to ask for payment in return for those services. A reward cannot be offered for anything that might incite attacks or any actions against other players (for example, contests to see who can gain the most opponents defeated score).
  • It is forbidden to blackmail other players for premium points.
  • Offering premium points for external resources (such as scripts, graphic packs) is permitted.
  • If you are unsure about whether a contest is allowed, you should always submit a support ticket first.
For confirmation of my information check the RULES.


Yeah, selling accounts is not allowed. I'll edit it as it seems he means giving one away.


this is bluemidgets, madma11 is my co-player, so yea, he is in fact bluemidgets too. Thanks for sticking out for me though Alex =)


Caught me out there amm haha :p

But yea i am co-play of bluemidgets so please..i do play

And to answer ur question 2 acc i built on w7 and w10 i quit long time ago as RL probs.

Before u start insulting me, please tell me wer u know me from?

And i was asked to co-play, i didnt ask. This time im asking. Im good friends with janc. ;)

Just wondering, is english your first language?