Co-player? or inactive account?

Steven browne

I know a lot of these threads are made and are generally made by incompetent players which only proceed to receive a lot of flaming for their effort or lack of... but id like to genuinely offer myself as a take over player to an inactive account or a co-player to boost the activity of a not-so-active account.

Ive played this world before under the alias of Irishmetal though im not the original (he's my brother) i took over his account when it was 5 K (and ranked roughly 600th) and got it up to 250000 and rank 30, for about 2 weeks on the way there i was the worlds fastest nobler before envisionise/sacred fool did his ridiculous noble rampage and netted 40 odd vils in like a fortnight. After playing solo for about 2 weeks i eventually joined NUTS which at the time was rank 1. I quitted at about 250000 out of boredom i had ate all the decent targets and was boxed in by tribemates except to the north where morale was a kick in the balls (i was in K34).

Im looking for an account from 50000 points to 400000 so nothing major just an account that i can do some work with on the rim rather than typical late game grinding.

Oh and my online hours are roughly 0800-2300 ST incase of a co-player request
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