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Hello Community,

in the last few months I always created an Excel Tool when I wanted to get more information about whats going on, or when i wanted to have a forecast.
You can download it and an instruction here:

It has the following features:
  • Settings: In the settings page you can translate between german and english and insert all the relevant settings of the world you are using it for
  • Construction Planner: Optimal expansion of a village can be planned (including troops). But you can also use it to design a balanced account manager template. If you enter the current information of a village (buildings, troops and rests), all further buildings and recruitment (via the percentage utilization of the barracks/stall/workshop) can be planned. -> Good for early game
  • Formatting: Allows the "Construction Planner" to be exported as a table formatted in DS
  • Farm Planner: Calculates the raw material production and the number of lcavs needed for the farm
  • Attackplanner_Sendingtime: Here the sending times of several villages of origin to several target villages for one arrival time can be determined in a matrix. The sending time is colored on the basis of a time frame entered
  • Attackplanner_Traveltime: Here the transit times from several villages of origin to several target villages can be determined in a matrix. The travel time is colored based on a time frame entered
  • Command Planner: Lets you plan individual commands and export them for IGMs/ notepad
  • Noble Planner: Here it is calculated under input of the mines and recruitment buildings, as well as the village type (Off, Dualdeff, Flexdeff), as well as the current and the target AGs, when the Ressources for the storage for the desired AGs are available. -> Good for the Midgame
  • Recruiting Planner: Simple calculation of construction times and costs of troops depending on the barrack/stall/workshop level.
  • Village planner: Determination of villagers and points of a village
  • Traveltime Calculator: Calculation of the transit time, as well as the time of dispatch or arrival and return
  • Bashpoint Calculator: Here you can calculate how much Offbash or Deffbash there is for the losses of the attacker or defender
  • Watchtower: Here you can calculate when attacks are detected by a watchtower. It is possible to view several watchtowers and commands at the same time
  • Tech times: Here you can see the research times and costs depending on the forging stages
  • Amortization Mines: Calculate how long it takes for the cost of one level of all mines to be recouped by increasing production.
  • Ram table: Here you can see the decrease of the rampart steps depending on the ram tech - for explanations see other thread
  • Catapult table: Here you can see how many building levels are destroyed with how many katas. Condition: All katas survive. This table is tech dependent
  • Catapult table_surviving: Here you can calculate the number of catapults and determine the destruction.
  • Moral Calculator: Basically the same as the Moral Calculator in the Simulator - but you can see more information here. Unfortunately there are some rounding errors with a server runtime of less than 125 days
  • Farm Limit: Here you can simulate the combat power when the farmrule is activated.
  • Simulator old: A simulator for the old fighting system (without bow!).
  • Build times wall: Here you can calculate the build times of the wall for the set world speed per level and cumulated for all village headquarter levels and format them as a table.
  • There are some more Sheets with data you need for the Tools
It was developed in german with german MS Office and only tested on the german Servers.
Not all settings could be tested properly.
Therefore times could vary a few seconds to the actual times and i am not sure if all macros are working properly

I'd be verry happy about feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Deleted User - 848891818

Hello together,

I saw a lot of views on the GitHub page in the last weeks and therefore thought I upload my latest version of the Excel file so you can all work with it. However I did not have time to update my instructions (sorry for that).
Changes in the construction planer:
- All the boosters (build time, recruiting time and resources) can now be set with an starting and ending time. This can be separately done for the different categories (Items, Paladin, etc.)
- The column AT-AV are being used to calculate the quest rewards and include the minimum and maximum resources
- In column AS you can calculate the expected loot in a percentage of the haul limit
- I tried to optimize my time factors for the buildings with level 5 and below. However, it is not possible for me to display correct times for lvl 1 and 2. I have no idea what Innogames does here. there is so factor which applies for all buildings and some world settings also seem to impact this. Sorry for that but I am gonna surrender on those few seconds
- Last but not least I duplicated the construction planer tab (and the formatting tab for exporting as table). This can be used for servers with two start villages or to compare two build plans in one file