Colour Your World With CRAYONs!


So... crayons, eh?

One Last Shot...

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That invite will be a lot more tempting when you use our english language without staining it with your filth :p


On my way to work today, I saw a guy with a rake, racing a guy with a leaf blower.
It wasn't such a bad invention, eh kept blowing the rake guys pile over.


Crayons are a great invention! What else would they give the special kids who can't be trusted with pencils? :-/

the dragyness

I used to melt my crayons on the heater - they made pretty multi-colored blobs. My mother was not impressed, however.


Let me guess Jenni. You couldn't be trusted with the colored pencils? :)


Well your name is racially offensive to are a race.

Also good to see your capable of playing at your peak again.

Thanks Hybrid, I missed you too. Arse.

On my way to work today, I saw a guy with a rake, racing a guy with a leaf blower.
It wasn't such a bad invention, eh kept blowing the rake guys pile over.

At first I imagined some sort of amusing 100m sprint but with various garden equipment. As I read the second sentence I was sorely disappointed :(

And to add some semblance of on topic comment..... uummmm...... Noffish is King.


And here I thought Off-Topic was the new On-Topic for older worlds!


A Colourful Agenda

The end goal of joining this world has, of course, been to win. That hasn't changed since the beginning. And being in a tribe of two people, this late in the game is not a way to do that. For this reason, and because it has been part of the plan all along, crzystpdguy and myself will now be saying adieu to CRAYON and hello to our tribe mates in A-21.

Many of you may have seen this coming; it won't be a surprise to you at all.

This has, as I said, been a long time coming... a long wait full of barb and internal nobling to realize this.
But now that we're here, the wait is over.

To our former tribe mates, we wish you the best of luck and will offer you nothing but respect as we noble your villages.
It's been... an interesting time in T.D.E, and many of you (perhaps wisely) never gave us your full trust.
There are many of you I was sad to see go, but when all of the players I talked to left the world I really felt a stranger in my own tribe.

Though they won't read it because they've left, here's what I have to say to my friends in T.D.E (basically the mic chatting group we had):
Mim, it was and is always a pleasure to talk to you, and to meet you in person. You're so innocent, and it's really adorable.
Starrie, best of luck with your baby boy on the way. Both of you really kept the tribe together, and losing you was a big blow.
Lufie, you silly kid. I don't think there was a time I talked to you without laughing. Come back on Skype and talk to me!
Sean, you were the wall at the edge of K33 for so long. No matter what was thrown at you, you managed to stay strong there. Much respect.
Miss you guys.

Anywho, reminiscing about good times aside...

We're coming for you now, T.D.E. :icon_twisted: