Concise Ram and Catapult Guide


A Big thanks to my TribeMate Iva Big Unn who provided this guide.

Introduction (The Basics)

Q) What are Rams?
A) Rams are a type of Offensive Troop. They are counted as General Offense / Infantry. (Like Axemen)

Q) What do they cost to produce?
A) 300 Wood, 200 Clay, 200 Iron.

Q) How much population does one Ram take? How fast does it go?
A) 1 Ram = 5 population spaces. It takes 20 minutes per field.

Q) How strong is it in offense? Why do we use them?
A) Their offensive strength is only 2. Thus on their own they are very weak offensively, 5 times worse than Spearmen. HOWEVER, they have the ability to downgrade a village's walls when you attack a village with them in your army. This massively reduces the effectiveness of the defense you are attacking and allows you to inflict maximum casualties! Thus they are essential to use in every attacking army you make! Never forget to train them along with your Axes, LC and MAs!

Q) How long do Rams take to produce?
A) 11m 08s (668s) with Level 15 Workshop, 19m 56s (1196s) with Level 5 Workshop.
400 Rams are produced in 3 days 2 hours~ by a Lv 15 Workshop and 5 days 13 hours~ by a Lv 5 Workshop.
500 Rams are produced in 3 days 21 hours~ by a Lv 15 Workshop and 6 days 22 hours~ by a Lv 5 Workshop.
Thus even if you use 500 Rams (absolute maximum of rams you should use) you don't need your Workshop higher than level 5 in order to produce them as fast as your Axes and LC.
Your Workshops should thus ideally be between Levels 2 and 5 depending on how many Rams you use. There is no need to be higher.

How EXACTLY do Rams work?

Rams affect a battle in 2 ways with 2 separate special abilities that act in 2 different ways at 2 different times. This is going to get a little complicated, but bear with me.

Special Ability ONE: Wall Bonus Negation / Defense Casualty Calculation
Affects a battle before it begins!

If there are enough Rams in your army, your army will treat the Wall as if it is a lower level than it actually is.
As a result, if you use the right amount of rams, you will deal maximum casualties.
The limit to this ability is half the wall's current level.
Example: If you are attacking a level 20 wall, if you use enough rams your army will "consider" it to be level 10 for the battle. However, even if you use more and more Rams beyond this optimal amount, the wall will still be considered to be level 10.

Special Ability TWO: Wall Demolition
Happens after the battle is over!

Once a battle is over, the defensive casualties have been calculated. According to how many defensive troops you killed in your attack, the wall will be downgraded appropriately. The amount the wall is demolished does NOT affect the current battle, however, obviously, the more it is degraded in one attack, the better it is for your NEXT attack. ;)
The formula for effective rams that act in wall demolition is:
Amount of Rams in your army * (Defender’s defense lost)/(Defender’s original defense)
Example: Suppose your army had 400 Rams and you killed 90% of the defending troops in your attack. Then 400*(90/100) = 360 Rams would be used to calculate how much the wall is downgraded (more on this soon)

How many Rams should be in one attacking army?

This is a very important question. If you use too few Rams, you will not downgrade your opponents wall bonus and wall enough, and thus will not kill very many troops. However, if you use too many, if will make your attacking armies very weak and not effective.
Cheesasaurus developed matrices to determine what is the best amount of Rams to attack with.

# Of Rams Needed For Special Effect ONE (Wall Bonus Negation)

# Of EFFECTIVE Rams Needed To Downgrade Wall When Your Troops Clear The Village

# Of EFFECTIVE Rams Needed To Downgrade Wall When Your Troops DO NOT Clear The Village

So what does all this mean? Well, I will tell you. Basically, for different scenarios the best amount of Rams to use is given as follows:

1) If you are certain to clear the village with your attack
(Less than 15k defending troops)
There is no need to send more than 220-250 Rams (Depending on morale)

2) If it will take 2-3 nukes to clear the village
(15k-35k defending troops)
Send around 300-325 Rams with your attack. That will give you a good balance between the strength of your attack, the amount of wall you break and the wall bonus negation

3) If if takes more than 3 nukes to clear the village (4-15 nukes)
(40k-100k~ defending troops)
You need at least 350 Rams with your attack, preferably 400 though is the optimal amount! Even more is ok as well, however, do not build more than 500, after that your nuke's strength is affected too much for it to be worth it.

4) If there is no chance of degrading the wall with your first few attacks
(More than 100k defending troops)
Remember that you only need 220 Rams for maximum wall negation!
Thus it is ok to send the first few attacks with only 220 Rams, then the rest with 400~ Rams.

Example to explain the concept: Suppose a village is taking 25 nukes to clear, and its wall will only begin downgrading after around 12 full nukes.
Thus for around at least the first 10 attacks it makes no difference to send 220 or 400 Rams.
Suppose out of the 25 nukes you are going to use, they are of the following type:
- 10 nukes of 6900 Axe 3000 LC 220 Ram
- 15 nukes of 6000 Axe 3000 LC 400 Ram
(They take same population space of 20k)
It is best to get the nukes with 220 Rams to hit first, and THEN the nukes with 400 Rams, to kill the defence while losing less troops yourself. :D


1) Rams are a unit essential in every offensive army because of their 2 special effects: Wall Negation and Wall Demolition. They are able to make your armies inflict maximum casualties.
2) The absolute minimum of Rams to have in an army is 220. Around 250-400 Rams are the recommended amount depending on how stacked the villages you generally attack are.
3) Don't build more than 500 Rams in an army, after that it starts impeding your armies.
4) Different amounts of Rams are ideal in different situations. Since you can't plan for every situation, your armies should all have around 300 - 400 Rams as they are ideal for the widest variety of situations and amounts of defense in the villages you are attacking.

I hope you enjoyed the guide and learned something new. I have to thank Cheeseasaurus for his excellent guide that I have based mine on (Read Cheese's Guide to Rams HERE).

Catapults Required Table

1175 Catapults is required to take down a building from 30 to 1! This is why you send waves of Catapults in a series of attacks. Sending five attacks with 175 Catapults each will have the same effect.

Rams Required Table

Generally speaking 250 rams is enough to take down a wall completely, if the attack is successful.